Puppet Killer By Lisa Ovies

director lisa ovies puppet killer

Indie horror has always been in my blood and the newest feature from Lisa Ovies has all the makings of a terror tale to die for. She’s the director of the horror-comedy “Puppet Killer” that has a fluffy antagonist Simon that would give Chucky a run for his money. Kudos to Lisa for assembling a talented cast which includes Richard Harmon who for those at Comic Con would have seen him hanging with the cast of “The 100”. Then there’s Aleks Paunovic who stars in “War for the Planet of the Apes” as well as Canadian darling Lisa Durupt. There will indeed be more with Scream Queen Jessica Cameron joining in the horror ride and of course Lisa herself whom viewers should keep an eye out for.

From the emo persona of Richard’s character Rick to Lisa being the screen sweetheart as Jessie, we will be rooting for each as they encounter Simon, the puppet with killer with a taste for killing. As Jamie, Aleks plays a man haunted by visions of aforementioned puppet as he discovers a nightmare that is indeed coming true at a Christmas party. Can they overcome the overflowing cuteness of their tormentor and keep themselves alive? Or is Simon painting the cabin in the woods red in a festive celebration of blood-soaked villainy? Horror and comedy are kindred spirits with Lisa melding both with ease as she crafts what is a humour laced fear adventure. There’s even awesome nods to “Poltergeist” and “The Shining” in the midst of the splatter fest.

director lisa ovies buzzworthy

When “Puppet Killer” hits film festivals in 2018, you can bet I’ll be on hand to shine the spotlight on Lisa Ovies and her entertaining horror opus.

director lisa ovies film festival

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