Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Legit

Once more we are in the throes of film festival fever as the radiant women of independent cinema steal adoring pieces of our hearts. At the 2017 Edition of the Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest, the lovely Eve Austin and Jeanine Bartel will most definitely captivate with dramatic verve onscreen. They are the beguiling stars of the drama “Legit” which centres on a woman striving to stay at the top position of the oldest profession in the world.

actress eve austin legit brightside tavern shorts fest 2017

Taking on both producing and starring roles in “Legit”, Eve is a must watch as Kathleen Oakmont a.k.a. Madam Kat who is facing up to the new reality of a law that legalises prostitution as well as a cunning rival. In the city of New York that never sleeps, the challenges coming her way are endless as she deals with her relevancy in the luxurious brothel business. It’s a richly layered performance from Eve that will unveil the complexity of the feminine persuasion. Next up, the always luminous Eve will appear in “Lola Does Manhattan”, a web series about a fun, sassy, separated woman who has wild and funny adventures in NYC.

actress jeanine bartel legit brightside tavern shorts fest 2017

We can’t get enough of the darlings of the screen and the lovely Jeanine Bartel is a cert for fondness. In Legit, she plays “Galena”, the daughter of Georgie, another Madam who has grown tired of living in the shadow of her mother and is itching to free herself. On the television series “Chicago P.D.”, she showcased her flair as a dramatic actress opposite Sophia Bush in the role of a traumatised woman involved in a murder mystery. Expect the graceful Jeanine to replicate her brand of vividness in “Legit”. Do check her out in “East” as a rigid perfectionist who operates in the wealthy and status-conscious world of the Upper East Side.

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