Pip Dwyer

actress pip dwyer it film stephen king

We often hold a candle for the ebullience of Canadian actresses and Pip Dwyer is a stage and screen actress on course for admiration. She stars in “IT”, the chilling remake of the original adaptation of Stephen King’s literary classic that instilled our deepest fear for clowns. Pip plays Sharon Denbrough, the mother of Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher) who we already know will be in for a fight of his life against the evil Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). With the new trailer having been released, the buzz is going to be crazy for this terrifying nightmare that’s been a hot topic well before the September premiere in cinemas. The charming Pip should be in line for affection from fans of the original “IT” as well as the ones who are new to this suspenseful tale of inter-dimensional beings disguised as clowns.

Television is another medium where she’s made inroads having recently appeared on Tatiana Maslany’s mega hit series “Orphan Black” and also portrayed the late Jackie Kennedy on the sci-fi mini-series “11.22.63”. For those who can’t get enough of Hallmark movies, do keep an eye out for Pip in the festive drama “The Christmas Cure” which stars Brooke Nevin. She can also be seen in “Don’t Cry” which is a poignant short film that tells of the cultural and emotional barriers faced between a Korean-immigrant family. On stage, she’s fondly remembered for her role as Theresa in the Toronto premier of Annie Baker’s award winning play Circle Mirror Transformation which Pip also produced. Her magnetic blue eyes would likewise be in line for some loving too.

Let us all keep Pip on our radars as she’s part of a reboot that’s ready to take the world by storm.

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