TV Vixens To Crave – 28 July 2017

Sarah Grace Sanders in “The Perfect Murder”

actress sarah grace sanders the perfect murder

– If there’s one beauty of the screen to whip up waves of ardour this week, that could very well be the alluring Sarah Grace Sanders who makes an impactful and memorable impression on the small screen.
– As Dawn Viens in “The Perfect Murder”, her spot on depiction of the turmoil her character faces is enthralling as she plays the unfortunate victim of a murder that’s cooked up in her very own restaurant.
– From delving into the psychosis as Harley Quinn in “Batman:Patient Zero” and catching our attention as a steadfast producer in the indie comedy “Wild Men”, she’s already showcased her captivating chops on camera.

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Tessa Auberjonois in “I’m Dying Up Here”

actress tessa auberjonois i'm dying up here

– Tessa Auberjonois is steadily carving a name for herself on multiple platforms with this Dublin-born actress and daughter of “Benson” actor Rene Auberjonois blossoming with elegant vivacity on television this week.
– It’s great to see Tessa opposite the formidable Melissa Leo on “I’m Dying Up Here” where she guest-stars as Camille Gershmann, a woman of standing who became rich on the back of a boom in apple wine.
– Having also guest-starred as a morally compromised nurse on the hit “Shameless”, she’s turned heads on the theatre scene as Robyn, a pot-smoking, vegan lesbian from the Bronx in the play “The Roommate”.

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Judy Kain in “The Fosters”

actress judy kain the fosters

– From the laugh-out-loud moments of comedy to the riveting complexity of drama, Judy Kain has been at the forefront of entertaining moments, especially in recent months with recurring roles in popular shows.
– Best known as the ditzy waitress Maureen in “The Odd Couple”, she’s also been on “The Fosters” and in Season 5, her character Lauren, a school board member wages a vendetta against Monte Porter (Annika Marks).
– Many viewers would have seen Judy tackling a myriad of textured personas with bite such as in “Hand Of God” as Judge Stanton and she recently proved she’s just as stellar on the big screen in the dramedy “All Exchanges Final”.

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