Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest 2017 Spotlight: Christine Verleny

actress christine verleny legit

One only has to be in the midst of the festival circuit to be in the know of engaging actresses and Christine Verleny would indeed be warmly received. At this year’s Brightside Taverns Shorts Fest, she stars in “Legit” as Madam Kat who is a player in the business of selling sex and is imbued with a misguided personage which is something Christine is well-versed with, having played a number of powerful, strong and flawed women. It is the fear of losing her livelihood that shakes her up and forces her to lash out. Her complicated relationship with her daughter Galena (Jeanine Bartel who was featured here recently) will be intriguing too.

Here’s the gracious Christine revealing more about her role in “Legit” as well as a rundown of her projects:

The film is a dark comedy about a serious subject and I had a fabulous time playing her. I also co-produced this film and we are planning to expand it into a series.

I just finished a wonderful play, Composure, at the Workshop Theater and we received fabulous reviews. The role of Beth was an adventure for me because she was someone who appeared fragile but surprised those around her with her hidden strengths. Recent films include the musical short, Panic at the Pole. I had the pleasure to play Prancer, a drunken, discontent reindeer who gets to sing a duet with the amazing Amanda Brooke Lerner. All we want for Christmas is an advance on our paychecks.

If Only is my latest project and it tells the story of 3 siblings who have one last night with their Mom, Vera (played by me) in their childhood home. It is a beautiful bittersweet short film that is sure to make its way into upcoming film festivals. Lastly, I am preparing for 2 upcoming projects, both short films to be shot in the Fall. Aperture, by Luke Winter, and Kill Al, written by my husband Walter Brandes (who is also a fabulous actor.)

actress christine verleny brightside tavern shorts fest

We can’t wait to watch the dynamism of Christine unfold up on the screen as she sways our affection with her acting accomplishments.

Do visit the Christine Verleny Official Site for more updates.

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