The Women Of The Last Tycoon

Based on the unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Last Tycoon” is the new Amazon series that puts the spotlight on the tumultuous Golden Age of Hollywood. Headlined by Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer and Lily Collins, we get to witness the glitz as well as the darker side of 1930s Tinseltown as a power struggle is brewing between Matt’s Monroe Stahr and Kelsey’s studio head Pat Brady. We also are introduced to the women who impacted the lives of the two ambitious men and it’s great to see Corie Vickers and Briana Lane playing their part to enliven the show.

Corie Vickers

actress corie vickers the last tycoon

Corie appears opposite Matt Bomer as a publicity agent tasked to popularise the image of blossoming actress Kathleen Moore (Dominique McElligott). The duo do lock horns in their discussion of how best to promote Kathleen and is soon joined by Lily’s Celia Brady, the upstart producer. Corie rocks the scenes she has with Matt, a testament to her many charms as a genuinely wonderful talent with a defining ebullience. This year she was a guest-star on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” which had a storyline based in Singapore, my home country and she also had roles on 2 comedic hits “Dr Ken” as well as “Jane The Virgin.

Briana Lane

actress briana lane the last tycoon

It’s no surprise that many are in love with Briana Lane who has those heavenly features to stoke a lasting passion. She might only be a co-star on the 2nd episode but it’s pretty significant especially since she’s with Kelsey Grammer and Matt Bomer in different scenes. She appears as Susan, the assistant of renowned director Louise B. Mayer (Saul Rubinek). The small screen has been the medium where Briana has been in some eye-catching moments most notably on “Grimm” where she was quite the vixen. She then went to have recurring roles on “Extant” and “Young And Hungry” as , a renowned therapist who is direct as well as a good communicator.

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