The Screen Sweethearts Of Shark Week

Aquatic terror fuelled by our innate fascination of sharks will be on a high with the advent of Shark Week and there’s a host of films that propagates the fear in us or in the case of the upcoming “Sharkado 5”, should prove to be a campy, insane-filled ride! In the days ahead, we are going to be taken to the depths where blood-thirsty sharp-tooth predators lurk, some more bizarre than ones we’ve used to seeing. This wave of features are fronted by some of the most gorgeous, talented ladies who each have their own set of appealing facets to keep us hooked.

Lindsay Sawyer in “5 Headed Shark Attack”

actress lindsay sawyer 5 headed shark attack shark week

Don’t miss the ravishing Lindsay Sawyer in “5-Headed Shark Attack”as Cait, one of the revellers visiting the beaches of Puerto Rico who would soon encounter a monstrosity of the sea. Can she and her friends survive the treacherous waters where the abomination of a killer shark has invaded? Tune in to Syfy on July 30th to find out the fate of Lindsay’s character. She’s no stranger to the outlandish having starred in “The Posthuman Project” which saw her lighting up the screen as a pyro-enhanced human with fire in her belly and of course her hands. With her charming and vibrant affront, Lindsay would steal hearts aplenty in an instant.

Kabby Borders in “Toxic Shark”

actress kabby borders toxic shark shark week

We certainly have one of the most adorable sweethearts gracing the screen in the form of the lovable Kabby Borders and we do hope she can be the Final Girl of her film “Toxic Shark”. This time, the undersea carnivore has traits very much in the vein of “Alien” in that it has possesses projectile acid in addition to its viciousness. Kabby stars as Eden, one of the guests of a tropical singles retreat who must find a way to fight off the deadly threat in the water. Having starred on another Syfy film “Dam Sharks”, Kabby recently made a beguiling impression on film in the drama “Pitching Tents” as well as a recurring role on the TV series “The Inspectors”.

Michelle West and Ashton Leigh in “Mississippi River Sharks”

actress michelle west mississippi river sharks shark week

Michelle West is an award-winning actress and a former Miss Louisiana with a lissome allure that captivates up on the screen with quite the elegance. Don’t miss her in “Mississippi River Sharks” as she brings her sex appeal and dynamism to proceedings with her character Alison Harting being thrown into a chaotic situation when sharks attack a fish rodeo. When it comes to independent horror, Michelle is very much a ravishing fixture having starred in “1959”, a supernatural thriller that saw her as Susan Usher, a flirtatious girl who can spell trouble. She also appeared in “Don’t Kill It” alongside Dolph Lundgren where incidentally a demon wreaks havoc in Mississippi.

actress ashton leigh mississippi river sharks shar week

Having previously appeared in creature features “Ozark Sharks” and “Swamp Shark”, the stunning Ashton Leigh dives into another watery horror flick “”Mississippi River Sharks”. She is likely to be viewed with affection by horror fans especially since her upcoming features “The Ghost Experiment 3D” and “Camera Obscura” with both having all the right ingredients of a scare fest. Ashton’s beguiling presence is more than enough to leave us wanting more, ensuring her a fandom that’s for the long haul. She will next be seen opposite “True Blood” alum Sam Trammell and “CSI Miami” hottie Emily Proctor in the upcoming football-themed drama “It’s Time”.

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