Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 1 August 2017

Meg Steedle & Alex Lombard in “I’m Dying Up Here”

actress meg steedle i'm dying up here
actress alex lombard i'm dying up here

– It’s truly the era of the screen sweethearts and it’s double the viewing pleasure when adorable faces such as Meg Steedle and Alex Lombard illuminate our lives with their loveable aura especially this week on television.
– Meg guest-stars as Sabrina, a woman who manages to catch the eye of Eddie Zeidel (Michael Angarano), an aspiring comic and with her fetching beauty, it’s not a surprise that he ditches Ari Graynor’s Cassie Fedder.
– Alex appears as Olivia Brenner, the wife of Scott Cohen’s Roy Roy Brenner, a powerful talent agent and the couple meet up with the handsome Nick Beverly (Jake Lacy) and his girlfriend but tensions soon start forming fast.
– Blessed with an alluring sophistication, Alex is effortlessly easy on the eyes and her captivating run continues come September with her upcoming guest-star role on the postal-themed “The Inspectors”.

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Morgan Obenreder in “The Young And The Restless”

actress morgan obenreder the young and the restless

– One of the hottest young actresses in the biz, Morgan Obenreder has garnered a passionate following on the strength of her dramatic finesse on “NCIS” and recently her comedic chops on “Mr. Student Body President”.
– She is slated to appear as Crystal on long running soap The Young And The Restless” who is caught up in a tense situation having made a call to Sharon [Sharon Case] through a crisis line and reporting a sex trafficking ring.
– Catch the talented Morgan in “Double Mommy” as Jess, a high school student who discovers that she’s pregnant with twins and the many twists include the revelation that each baby is the progeny of different fathers!

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Alicia Vela-Bailey in “Annabelle: Creation”

actress alicia vela-bailey annabelle creation

– Alicia Vela-Bailey stands on a pedestal of affection thanks to her daring exploits as the stuntwoman/actress of numerous Marvel properties where she will be in the thick of the action in “The Defenders” and “The Punisher”.
– “Annabelle: Creation” is in my personal opinion, one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2017 with the knowledge that Alicia will be playing a frightening character called Evil Mrs Mullins.
– Having scared the wits out of us as the evil entity Diana in “Lights Out”, expect Alicia to ace it as Evil Mrs Mullins, a being conjured by the imagination of the orphaned children which then begins to haunt them.

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Monique Candelaria in “Shot Caller”

actress monique candelaria shot caller

– Her recurring role as Denny’s waitress Lucy alongside Bryan Cranston’s Walter White in the mega-hit “Breaking Bad” endeared herself to the show’s fanbase and she’s enchanted us on film as well as TV ever since.
– She went on to appear in buzz-worthy features such as “Cents” as well as guest-starring on the medical drama series “The Night Shift” and has even portrayed Pocahontas on the indie drama “The Garden”.
– Don’t miss the enchanting Monique opposite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau a.k.a. Jamie Lannister from “Game Of Thrones” in the gritty drama “Shot Caller” who goes all method as a gangster forced to return to his old ways.

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