The Sizzling Starlets @ LA Shorts Fest 2017

Emily Mest in “3”

actress emily mest 3 la shorts fest 2017

– Sweetheart week is very much in the ascendency as the comely Emily Mest who can certainly rock the red carpet in fashionable threads makes us passionate about her as she dazzles in the short form medium.
– It was at the HollyShorts Film Fest 2015 that we were introduced to Emily’s enticing traits as she starred alongside “The Last Tycoon” actress Bailey Noble as a pair of mischievous girls in “Velvet Karma”.
– She’s set to sizzle in the romantic short “3” as Amy, a young woman who questions her relationship with the man she just slept with. Could the number be a reference to a threesome of a third wheel? Find out for yourselves!

Yareli Arizmendi in “Welcome Back”

actress yareli arizmendi welcome back la short fest 2017

– An accomplished Mexican-American actor, writer, and director, Yareli Arizmendi has given the world some of the most riveting performances in the skin of countless personalities across film, television and theatre.
– She is set to showcase her dramatic finesse in the film “Welcome Back” as Romana, a woman who despite her reservations, reconnects with Carmen (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) after her deportation to Mexico.
– Yareli is also part of the impressive ensemble cast of “Gente-fied” which includes America Ferrera, leading lady of comedy series “Superstore”. Having premiered at Sundance, buzz is swirling around this TV series.

Mary Kate Wiles in “G[r]o[w]ing Up”

actress mary kate wiles growing up la shorts fest 2017

– Mary Kate Wiles is a gifted performer with the quintessential endearing facets that rightly belong at film festivals year in and year out. Mary’s adorable zest and creative energy are cornerstones of her virtuosity.
– Even without a trailer, viewers would already be intrigued by her role in “G[r]o[w]ing Up” where she plays Abby, a naive elevator operator who is part of the game of love as she searches for her Mr Right.

actress mary kate wiles growing up la shorts fest 2017

– A luminous figure over many years on the digital front most notably on the Emmy winning web series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, she also stars in “(Romance) in the Digital Age” which is having its festival run.

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Kathleen Wise in “Deterrent”

actress kathleen wise deterrent la shorts fest 2017

– It’s always an honour to feature indie darlings who are leading lights both behind and in front of the camera with a prominence on female-fronted themes and Kathleen Wise is indeed one fascinating talent.
– Catch her in the suspenseful “Deterrent” where two’s company and three’s a crowd as a couple who having invited an old friend for dinner see unhealthy feelings between them fester when a game gets out of hand.
– Kathleen is also the writer and director of the poignant short “Sanctuary” which is about the bonds between women and the sacrifices they sometimes have to make which should heading to film festivals.

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