Long Beach International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Jennifer Enskat

actress jennifer enskat long beach international film fest 2017

You could say August is one of the busiest months filled with the revelry of film festivals where we are introduced to the impeccable women of indie cinema such as the vibrant Jennifer Enskat. She is appearing as D.A. Kathryn Pearson in the dramatic short “Flush The John” which screens at this year’s Long Beach International Film Fest. It’s a story about the tribulations faced by a devoted wife when her husband gets into trouble with the law. How a prostitution sting can disrupt the personal lives of a family are soon revealed. She can also be seen in the web series “Real Mommy Confessions” and in both instances, Jennifer has shown that she is conversant with the ins and outs of film-making in spite of the many challenges. The fruits of her labour are indeed flourishing with “Real Mommy Confessions” slated to screen at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in September. It is a nominee for “Best Web Series” where she and her producing partner Bianca Jamotte are nominated together for “Best Director of a Web Series”!

Women at the forefront of engaging content such as Jennifer will always be cherished so here’s the gracious Jennifer revealing more about her endeavours in multiple fields on the features “Real Mommy Confessions” and “Flush The John”:

Actually, it’s more complicated than just directing and acting. For Real Mommy Confessions, I am Producer, Editor, one of the lead actors plus I write and direct a number of episodes. Similarly, in Flush the John, I produced and edited and played a supporting role. The juggle is a major challenge. We are a team of three (Cinematographer/Producer/Special Effects Artist Andy Gardner and Writer/Actor/Director/Producer Bianca Jamotte and myself) and we constantly switch hats and often work more than one job at a time on set. It’s fun yet overwhelming at times. I think our guest actors don’t know what to make of us sometimes; we’re sort of a three headed monster! I typically make the schedules and always try to organise our shoots so that if either Bianca or I are acting, that is all we are doing in that scene. We seldom act and direct the same episode but it doesn’t always work that way. It’s different when I wear my “Editor” hat. For example. I find that I can’t help but think of how I might edit a particular scene while I’m acting or directing. We have found that having me on set as editor is super useful. I have more than once leaned into to suggest to whoever is setting up the next shot to say something like, “let’s make this a two-shot” because I can see a particular editing problem down the road.

actress jennifer enskat flush the john

As I reflect a bit on what I’ve written, I realise that I can more fully answer your question as there are times when I both direct and act in an episode of RMC. I try to lay out every possible shot with the cinematographer before we shoot, giving every idea of framing, angle, composition, etc. that I want. Then, I do my best to forget about everything except the performance. I ask for more takes than I normally would because who knows what I’m going to find in post and then we all take a leap of faith and go for it.

With Jennifer making her presence felt as a multi-faceted artist, we will be looking forward to her future pursuits both on and off screen with exciting interest.

Do visit the Jennifer Enskat Official Site for all the latest updates.

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