Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 9 August 2017

Malone Thomas & Sanna Hayes in “Still The King”

actress malone thomas still the king

– When one is an affection-worthy beauty as Malone Thomas, all of our hearts will be aflutter in unison when we gaze upon this bright young talent who this week will leave us mesmerised on the small screen.
– She is pure captivation on the Billy Ray Cyrus comedy series “Still The King” in the role of the actress playing Charlotte, the daughter of Billy’s one hit wonder country artist Vernon Brownmule in a life story re-enactment.
– Known for her excellent work on indie favourites such as “Unsullied” and “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf”, Malone is also eye-catching in the genre of docu-reality with an upcoming appearance on “Your Worst Nightmare”

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actress sanna haynes still the king

– The svelte and willowy Sanna Haynes is a Dutch-born actress/director/producer/writer and she has even dabbled being part of the Costume and Wardrobe Department which segues well into her latest role on TV.
– Check her out opposite Madison Iseman as the wardrobe girl tasked with fitting the actor who is portraying Vernon Brownmule. She most certainly hands her hand full with the rather fussy method-acting dude.
– Do make sure to enjoy Sanna’s sketch comedy youtube channel called “Tall Girl and The Cricket” where her skits poke fun at the perils of being tall, showcasing her comedic finesse which is a joy to watch.

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Katie Morrison in “Among Us”

actress katie morrison among us

– She’s been a major part of some of the most fascinating stories in indie film namely “Ovum” and “The Strike”. This time, the enigmatic Katie Morrison is the leading lady of the supernatural horror film “Among Us”.
– It’s a emotional rollercoaster to lose a loved one and Katie’s riveting depiction of a mom who is beset by an entity that possibly took her son’s life should keep us on tetherhooks from start to finish.
– Even though she’s appeared in several projects that have darker themes, a likeable spirit is the cornerstone of a wonderful indie starlet and Katie is certainly endowed with a glow that makes us root for her on film.

Sonja O’ Hara in “Flare”

actress sonja o hara flare

– Sonja O’Hara is a name very much in the ascendency with the success of her feature “Doomsday” on the festival circuit putting her at the forefront of compelling content in the indie genre and she’s getting even hotter.
– Here’s Sonja giving us a tease of her newest film “Flare”:

It’s about the day the world is ending via a solar flare, but somehow it misses colliding with the earth abc suddenly everyone is left to deal with their final choices. It’s dark and moody and in the vein of Brit Marling’s “Another Earth.”

– With “Pee Sitting Down” which she produced and starred in having been accepted into HollyShorts and Sonja in an intriguing new short “Anatomy of an Orchid”, it’s easy to see why she’s thoroughly cherished.

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Chelsea Rendon in “The Fosters”

actress chelsea rendon the fosters

– Chelsea Rendon wowed us with her riveting guest-star role on “Code Black” as Anita, a pregnant woman dumped at Angels Memorial Hospital and she’s steadily crafting magic on the small screen with dramatic flair.
– Do look out for her opposite Cierra Ramirez in her recurring role as Lisa, one of the close-knit friends of Cierra’s Mariana Adams Foster as they converge at a party which soon gets shut down by the cops.
– In the humans vs orcs and other fairytale creatures TV event “Bright”, Chelsea is slated to appear with Will Smith, Joel Edgerton as well as Noomi Rapace in an illustrious cast which should spark a growing fandom for her.

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Emily Althaus in “Adam Ruins Everything”

actress emily althaus adam ruins everything

– While we crave for more twists and turns in the world of Maureen Kukudio essayed impeccably by Emily Althaus on “Orange Is The New Black”, she’s back in the month of August to keep us satiated on TV.
– She can be seen in “Adam Ruins Everything”, the educational comedic series on TruTV that stimulates our brains as it uncover popular false impressions and trends. The bubbly Emily is perfect as a debunker of myths.
– Emily is also starring with Alex Pettyfer as Kelly, a benevolent motel desk clerk who crosses paths with his character in the dramatic indie thriller “The Strange Ones” which has garnered praise for its unpredictability.

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