Screen Darlings To Adore @ Chain NYC Film Fest 2017

Jade Viggiano in “Beautiful Garden”

actress jade viggiano a beautiful garden chain nyc film fest 2017

– Stirring beauty Jade Viggiano is a New York based Soulcycle Instructor and model/actress whose appearance in the captivating story “Beautiful Garden” will resonate with indie film fans the world over.
– She is in attendance at this year’s Chain NYC Film Fest looking stunning in a floral-motif dress and with her smile that would melt our hearts, the time is ripe to fall in love with this talented indie starlet.

Thank you Chain Film Fest for having me ⭐️

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– Delving into the traits of her character Lauren who is new to the community of people she encounters in a ramshackle home, she energises the commune in more ways than one as she seeks to establish her identity.

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Clea Alsip in “Cohab”

actress clea alsip cohab chain nyc film fest 2017

– From Broadway to film and the digital space, Clea Alsip is the sweetheart we’re come to adore as she has an unerring vivaciousness that is telling of her flair as an well-rounded entertainer.
– She is one of the stars of the web series “Cohab” which many would have guess from the title is a comedic look at a group of friends trying to adapt as best as they can whilst sharing a common space in the city.
– You might be able to spot Clea on the upcoming episode of the darkly intriguing new drama series “The Sinner” starring Jessica Biel and let’s hope she’s going to be very much the center of our TV consumption.

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Jessica Harmon in “Bona Fide”

actress jessica harmon bona fide chain nyc film fest 2017

– One of the most alluring Canadian actresses of her generation, Jessica Harmon consistently delivers complex, performances both on film and television, entrenching herself into the hearts of many a viewer.
– Don’t miss her in “Bona Fide, an exposition about modern love where romance is fleeting as she stars as Celeste, a woman whose dalliance with a man is one of brief connection leading to an emotional detachment.
– Having numerous eye-catching moments as the Grounder Niylah on “The 100”, she recently reprised her recurring role as FBI Agent Dale Bozzio who is now undead during the Season 3 run of “iZombie”.

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Samantha Strelitz in “Another Girl”

actress samantha strelitz another girl chain nyc film fest 2017

– Feted for her dynamic work on stage in a number of plays such as her role as Cara in “The Qualification Of Douglas Evans”, Samantha Strelitz is garnering praise for being a blossoming indie actress.
– She stars in “Another Girl”, a fantasy comedy where Sam, a man who has amassed a collection of ex-lovers sees them popping up at the most inconvenient of times to dash his hopes of finding his true love.
– Having been part of the film festival circuit for a number of years, do expect to see the fetching Samantha delivering more captivating turns onscreen that will be embraced by the indie community.

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