Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Rhode Island Film Fest 2017

Jana Lee Hamblin in “Something Like Summer”

actress jana lee hamblin something like summer rhode island film festival 2017

– She’s already appeared on 2 of the biggest hits on television namely “Portlandia” and “Z Nation” and Jana Lee Hamblin is now showcasing her poise that is very likely to please audiences who are into indie dramas.
– She stars in “Something Like Summer” as Mrs Bently who in spite of her over the top personality is very supportive of her son’s Ben coming out and seemingly has a firm hold on her equally understanding husband.
– Jana is also giving back to the film community as she’s the owner/founder of Act Now Studio where she is imparting valuable wisdom and acting techniques to aspiring actors so that they can be a success.

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Laura Flannery in “Dead On Arrival”

actress laura flannery dead on arrival rhode island film festival 2017

– Laura Flannery is regularly a stunningly luminous presence on the film festival circuit with her films “Exit 14”, “The Golden Rut” and now “Dead On Arrival” which premieres this week keeping us intrigued.
– Before we all get to be enchanted by her in the upcoming horror film “A Haunting at Silver Falls 2”, the photo tease of her character Tammy in “Dead On Arrival” suggests she’s going to be a seductive figure indeed.
– She also recently appeared alongside Niecy Nash and Jenn Lyon on the TNT series “Claws” and if you want to see even more of Laura, be sure to check out her dual roles as a pair of enticing twins in “The Golden Rut”.

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Meeghan Holaway in “Father’s Day Breakfast”

actress meeghan holawaya father's day breakfast rhode island film festival 2017

– The stage, film and television have been the platforms where Meeghan Holaway has been pleasantly engaging and she’s even voice the character Cordana Felsong in the acclaimed video game “World of Warcraft: Legion”.
– She stars in “Father’s Day Breakfast” as Martha, the wife of a deaf man who is struggling to show that he loves his son who can hear. Expect to see touching family moments that tug at the heartstrings throughout the film.
– Early this year Meeghan also guest-starred on the final season of “Bones” having already appeared on “Scandal”, “Criminal Minds” and even doing voice duties on the web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462”.

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Christy Escobar in “Rockaway”

actress christy escobar rockaway rhode island film festival 2017

– When it comes to redheads with the mesmerising X-factor, Christy Escobar has lit up the theatre scene as well as both TV and film where she is coming into her own as an indie sweetheart to be passionate about.
– She’s rolling back the times with her role in the 90s set adventure drama “Rockaway” which is a story of 2 brothers who plot revenge against their abusive father during what was a hellish summer in 1994.
– Festival-goers would be familiar with Christy who played Tiffany, the stylist who is part of the image team transforming Casey Killoran’s Marsha Day after her fame rose thanks to Perez Hilton in “Viral Beauty”.

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