The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2017

Grace Santos in “Nacido de Nuevo”

actress grace santos nacido de nuevo hollyshorts film festival 2017

– Grace Santos is no stranger to the revelry of Hollyshorts having produced the comedy short “Election Night” in 2015 which starred Peri Gilpin and this year, she returns with the much grittier short “Nacido de Nuevo”.
– She essays a potent performance alongside Juan Pablo Raba who plays border patrol agent Ramon Nunez where on the anniversary of his son’s death encounter Grace’s character Rae who is an illegal alien and heavily pregnant.
– Kudos to Grace for excelling in what is an intense scene which includes portraying Rae’s induced labour and leads to Ramon finding a slice of redemption by delivering Rae’s baby, until a fatal conclusion changes his life.

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Julia Eringer in “Eulogilia”

actress julia eringer eulogilia hollyshorts film festival 2017

– We do love to highlight the finery of blossoming actresses from the UK and the enticing Julia Eringer is on her way to garner fandom on many fronts with her stirring performances on screen, stage and the web.
– She has already won “Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film” award for her fine work on “Eulogilia”, a dark comedy that sees her as Natalie Green, a woman who is part of a group therapy of people with bizarre addictions.
– Julia has also appeared in “Fox Trap”, a horror throwback to one of our favourite sub-genres which is the Slasher flicks where she portrayed Dina who has a feisty persona yet can be more than meets the eye.

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Emily Jackson in “An Obstinate Man”

actress emily jackson an obstinate man hollyshorts film festival 2017

– The lovely Emily Jackson recently made a name for herself in the horror genre and she’s just as fetching in the genres of drama as well as comedy which has certainly put her at the forefront of our affection.
– After starring in a compelling list of film festival selections including “Incarnate”, “Living with the Dead” and “The Last Taxi Driver”, she’s back to captivate us in the short film “An Obstinate Man”.
– Emily was also the memorable leading lady of the much adored romantic comedy “American Fango” playing a most sensual love interest by the name of Christine who from the oft is touted as a beauty to be besotted with.

Angela Trimbur in “I Know Jake Gyllenhaal is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend “

actress angela trimbur i know jake gyllenhall is going to fuck my girlfriend hollyshorts film festival 2017

– Whenever a film festival comes to town, it’s a moment to savour the perennial enchantress Angela Trimbur who has been very much on our minds in 2017 as she dazzled the screen with luminous dynamism.
– It’s no surprise to see her onscreen paramour in “I Know Jake Gyllenhaal Is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend” is a tad insecure seeing how she’s a temptation as Suzie, a woman who would be a magnet for any man.
– From the subversive to the quotidian, Angela has shone in films such as the female-fronted horror anthology “XX”, Tribeca serial killer thriller “Psychopaths” and the lesbian romantic comedy “The Feels” opposite Constance Wu.

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Reid Cox in “Mackenzie”

actress reid cox mackenzie hollyshorts film festival 2017

– Don’t miss the must-see indie drama “Mackenzie” with the enigmatic Reid Cox in the titular role as Mackenzie an anorexic young woman whose sister Alison doesn’t view her in high regard having lived in her sister’s shadow.
– Adeptly handling the intricacies of her character’s struggle with her debilitating condition as well as the fractured relationship which her younger sister, Reid’s authenticity on film are moments to marvel at.
– A trailblazer on the independent film arena, her dedication to her craft is an admirable feat with her artistry on camera and now behind it as a producer steadily getting a deservingly warm reception.

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