The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2017 – Part 2

Angela DiMarco in “One Step Too Far” & “Fool”, Producer of “The Son,The Father”

actress angela dimarco one step too far hollyshorts film festival 2017

– One of the most photogenic actresses to dazzle our eyes very much in the vein of “The Leftovers” leading lady Carrie Coon, Angela DiMarco is endowed with a most likeable glow and rousing multi-faceted talents.
– She’s already walked the red carpet at the opening night of this year’s Hollyshorts Film Fest and here’s Angela revealing more about her features on show:

This year I’m involved in 3 films. One Step Too Far, a Mighty Tripod Productions, I produced and acted. We just screened at opening night, The Son, The Father, which we are Producers on. And I am in FOOL, which is a powerful short by Eryn Rea.

– I reckon many will be besotted with Angela whose impeccable work include her absorbing performance as a betrothed lesbian in “Brides To Be” and a turn as a woman who can sense the presence of aliens in “The Device”.

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Lina Roessler, Director & Writer of “Mustard Seed”

director lina roessler mustard seed hollyshorts film festival 2017

– With her moving feature “Mustard Seed” screening at dual film festivals namely the Rhode Island International Film Fest as well as Hollyshorts 2017, attention is bound to be doubly noteworthy for Lina Roessler.
– “Mustard Seed” tells of a young boy who witnessed the murder of his parents and sister who even in his old age is reliving the nightmare. Her films are notable for achieving the perfect balance between beauty and darkness.
– Fans of “Killjoys” would remember her being a guest-star on one of the episodes and she recently added glamour to an episode of “Private Eyes” as a fashion maven alongside Jason Priestly and Cindy Sampson.

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Jennymarie Jemison in “Scanners”

actress jennymarie jemison scanners hollyshorts film festival 2017

– Gravitating towards interesting, offbeat tales is a must and Jennymarie Jemison has made an eye-catching impression in a collection of shorts as well as features that depict quirky characters we all will come to love.
– From the satirical comedy short “From The Gut” to the stylish violence of “The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence”, Jennymarie extends herself effortlessly in fleshing out the inner workings of the women she plays.
– All the more reason to catch her in “Scanners” as she stars as Mary who is a member of a security scan team whose colleague uncovers a portal into another dimension via a supposedly non-working scanner.

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Nicole I. Butler in “Tales From The Toilet”

actress nicole i butler tales from the toilet hollyshorts film festival 2017

– Nicole I. Butler has the innate versatility to be a captivating figure across multiple genres with her horror short film “A Knock At The Door” and indie drama “Nowhereland” getting great reviews at film festivals.
– It’s bowel humour galore in “Tales From The Toilet” as she appears as Ilana, a stunning woman whose first date turns out to mired in the age old problem of ‘Number 2’ as her potential love interest has a bad case of the runs!
– Named by Chicago Magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans” along side Jennifer Hudson, this midwest-born actress is complementing her striking beauty with her resonating comedic vigour onscreen.

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