TV Vixens To Crave – 13 August 2017

Breeda Wool in “Mr Mercedes”

actress breeda wool mr mercedes

– The chameleonic flair of Breeda Wool comes to the fore as she delves into her recurring role on “Mr Mercedes” where she stars as the outspoken Lou Linklatter who we soon find has close ties to the titular serial killer.

– With such a brutal opening scene, we soon see her character Lou working with Brady a.k.a Mr Mercedes at the “Discount Electronix” store, constantly berated by their boss who believes they are without any ambition.
– Whilst we can’t wait to see her in the upcoming 2nd season of “Vice Principals”, we do know she’s been enthralling audiences on the film festival circuit in diverse features such as “XX”, “Automatic at Sea ” and “AWOL”.

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Jolene Andersen in “Queen Of The South”

actress jolene andersen queen of the south

– Fresh from a engrossing run on the festival circuit in films such as “Prodigy” and “Thirteen” where the story centred on child terrorists, Jolene Andersen dives into similarly gripping themes on television this week.
– She announces herself on “Queen Of The South” as inmate Mad Dog with a bloody fistfight in jail against Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcón) who we know is grooming Alice Braga’s Teresa as her protege.
– Soon we will get to see Jolene in days of yore during the Depression era in “The Last Beyond” set in mountainous Montana. She has been praised for imbuing her character with emotional depth which will pique avid interest.

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Lucy Walters in “Get Shorty”

actress lucy walters get shorty

– While we most definitely miss her presence on “Power”, it’s a wonderful moment indeed to see her headline another potential hit show as intriguing as “Get Shorty” which has mobsters circling the film industry.
– Ever the enchanter, she takes on the role of Katie, the estranged ex-wife of Miles (Chris O’Dowd), a hitman from Nevada and the two struggle to remain cordial as they try to raise their daughter as best they can.
– For those who were hooked on her mesmerising performance in the zombie apocalypse film “Here Alone”, be prepared to see her in beguiling form once more in her upcoming spook fest “Boarding School”.

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Brittney Bertier in “Atypical”

actress brittney bertier atypical

– Burgeoning multi-faceted talent Brittney Bertier is delectable with a capital ‘D’ and this fetching brunette is on her way to be a visual delight on 2 fronts namely our television screens as well as the digital space.
– She’s appearing in the 4th episode of the new thought-provoking series “ATypical” where tensions arise when her ponytail becomes the target of the unhinged Sam (Keir Gilchrist) who is suffering from autism.
– Don’t miss her in “Transplants”, the web series she co-created and is also its leading lady playing Bri who together with her friend Trey navigate the challenges of a new environment after moving from New York to L.A.

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Ellen Dorrit Petersen in “Aber Bergen: Partners In Law”

actress ellen dorrit petersen aber bergen partners in law

– Award-winning actress Ellen Dorrit Petersen is certainly one of my favourite actresses hailing from Norway and it’s great that the world is attuned to the compelling dramatic work she has done.
– With the series “Aber Bergen: Partners In Law” screening in Stateside and even Australia, we get to admire her role as feisty prosecutor Elea Bergen Wessel who has the knack for acerbic, verbal sparring.
– Be sure to check her out in the haunting horror film “Shelley” which has shades of “Rosemary Baby” where she stars as the barren mother who hires her Romanian maid as a surrogate only to see things go awry.

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