Hollyshorts Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Sarah Phillips

actress sarah phillips hollyshorts film festival 2017

The gems of the film world are very much on our radars and the accomplished Sarah Phillips has the artistry to provide many uplifting moments onscreen. She’s the director and writer of “Smile: A Musical” that tells of Hazel (Maya Grace Fischbein), an aspiring dancer who desires to reconnect with her clinically depressed dad. This bubbly musical short which is tinged in elements of the 80s should make us feel euphoric thanks to its vibrant premise which is a much needed tonic for even the jaded. Positivity is very much needed in the world of now and Sarah has crafted a tale to remember. Sarah’s short has already won “Best Short Drama Screenplay” at the Nashville Film Festival and it is deserving of more awards in the near future.

Sarah is also part of the “Wonder Women in Hollywood” panel at HollyShorts Film Festival Film Conference which is an indication of her emerging flair as a multi-faceted talent. For many, we would be blessed to be competent in one field of the family industry and kudos to Sarah who has been professionally involved in the film industry in LA in various. The Future Is Female moniker spearheaded by virtuosos such as Sarah is something that should inspire everyone to greater heights and that dedication to the passions we love most can fuel our success. Her keenness on seeing women on film is also to be advocated as stories featuring women have a richness that captivate. With her wonderful feats and those still to come, one could well define Sarah as a real-life Wonder Woman.

director sarah phillips smile a musical hollyshorts film festival 2017

Do visit the Sarah Phillips Official Site to find out more about her endeavours.

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