Hollyshorts Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Misha Calvert

actress misha calvert hollyshorts film festival 2017

Actress/writer/director Misha Calvert is in line for a wave of affection with her promising talents likely to be viewed with admiration. She’s a genuine sweetheart with 2 short films screening at this year’s Hollyshorts Film Fest, the first being the dating rom-com “Tinder Is The Night” and the second “Pee Sitting Down”. While the latter feature which stars Sonja O’Hara has certainly gone on a wonderful run at various film festivals, it won’t be long before her funny take on the pitfalls of online dating via Tinder garners recognition too. In “Tinder Is The Night”, Misha plays up the dorky side of her character Eddie with a likeable quality as her hopes for a great first date off the web fails to hit the mark. Misha appears alongside Connie Saltzman and of course Sonja O’Hara with these trio of cuties set to be luminously appealing.

For those who are at Hollyshorts, you might have notice Misha herself looking absolutely glamorous on the red carpet in a shimmering dress. Let’s hope she gets to light up Sundance soon as her dramatic series Solitaire is a finalist in the Sundance/YouTube New Voices Lab for 2017. We’ve already seen her excelled in the guise of quirky characters so do look ahead for more the off the wall unconventionality from Misha. We’ll definitely be in her corner with doting fondness.

actress misha calvert tinder is the night hollyshorts film festival 2017

Do visit the Misha Calvert Official Site for all the latest updates.

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