Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 17 August 2017

Taylor Black in “Midnight, Texas”

actress taylor black midnight texas

– In one of the most seductive performances on TV this year, Taylor Black guest-stars on “Midnight, Texas” as a malicious entity that would be revered just as much on the lore of shows such as “Supernatural” or “Grimm”.
– She’s endowed with a very sensual bite as Gina, a succubus with the taste for the flesh of men who cause pain and once her ‘glamour power’ is turned on, she’s irresistible which many already know Taylor to be.

– Her next sojourn on television is exciting as she is set sizzle our world on the upcoming 3rd Season of “Lucifer” alongside Tom Ellis. She’s playing Misty Canyons, a blonde bombshell with a mysterious persona.

Callie Ott in “WTF!”

actress callie ott wtf

– With the release of the film “WTF!” on multiple platforms, horror fans will be rejoicing as we get to see the Final Girl trope get turn on its head with Callie Ott in the role of the eponymous last girl standing.
– Callie stars as Rachel, a wallflower dealing with the tragic episode where a killer brutally massacred all of her friends. She’s a riveting watch as the tormented women and shines in her disquiet, emotional moments.
– With Rachel being such a complex character, it was her dedication in tapping into different parts of herself to relate to her that makes Callie a standout and with the film having a comedic slant, viewers are in for a treat!

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Abby Miller in “The Sinner”

actress abby miller the sinner

– Abby Miller is definitely one of my favourite actresses who has been a perennial darling on this blog and her recurring role on “The Sinner” is as compelling as the show’s premise of senseless ‘whydunit’ murder.
– She appears as Caitlin Sullivan, a young, ambitious cop whose personal connection to Cora (Biel) and her husband Mason Tannetti (Chris Abbott) which somewhat compromises her ability to conduct the investigation.
– With her soulful eyes, we gravitate towards Abby and is piquing our interest to find out more about her evolution as Caitlin. Having been eye-catching on “Justified” and “Aquarius”, we’re going to be fondly invested in her.

Summer Spiro in “Oceans Rising”

actress summer spiro oceans rising

– Catch the stunning Summer Spiro taking on the elements in the disaster movie “Oceans Rising” where a flood of biblical proportions is threatening to engulf the world which has its roots in the story of The Ark.
– Her icy blonde performance as the femme fatale Jessica in “If Looks To Kill” saw her navigate the dark side as her dark past threatens policewoman Faith (Stefanie Estes) who is troubled by Jessica’s liaison with her ex.
– Monsters could very well be our next form of viewing addiction as we know Summer is going to be with her starring role in the upcoming creature feature “Big Legend” which delves into the lore of Bigfoot.

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