Most Desirable Indie Starlets @ Action On Film Festival 2017

Doris Morgado in “Trouble Creek”

actress doris morgado trouble creek action on film festival 2017

– The always ravishing Doris Morgado stars in the suspenseful web series “Trouble Creek”, a Twin Peaks meets Bloodline tale that sees a small town enveloped by secrets that can only lead to grim consequences.
– Just from the tease clip of her character Peaches with such a battered and bruise face pointing to the fascinating backstory she will be on. While we know Doris as a certified Sex Symbol, she goes rivetingly gritty.
– This year, she was seen alongside Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in “Logan” and made a sterling impression on “Chicago Med” as a emotionally drained mum whose daughter somehow collapsed mid-flight.

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Eugenia Kuzmina in “Trick”

actress eugenia kuzmina trick action on film festival 2017

– Actress/model/comedienne Eugenia Kuzmina is every bit the personification of allure and she’s on course to turn viewers on in the thriller “Trick” set on the streets of L.A. that’s beset by dangers at every corner.
– This is the second feature that Eugenia has worked with director Stan Harrington after her appearance in “Lost Angels” and Eugenia is certainly sinking her teeth into the world of muddy intrigue on screen.
– More than just a Blonde Bombshell, she’s an accomplished funny woman with a penchant for bringing laughter inspired by her transbational Russian-American root, life as a model as well as a mother of two kids.

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Tara Cardinal in “Puppet”

actress tara cardinal puppet action on film festival 2017

– When one looks up to the most endearing Scream Queens, Tara Cardinal most definitely comes to mind and she’s transcended the esteemed title with her diverse endeavours over the years in multiple genres.
– From horror flicks “Bloodstruck” and “Wrath Of The Crows” alongside Debbie Rochon to her directorial debut in “Legend Of The Red Reaper”, this sexy starlet has always been a shining light on the independent scene.
– Catch her in “Puppet” as Emery (Tara Cardinal) a woman who is forced to attend to a bible study meeting under false pretences and soon has to contend with an infection that are turning people into ravenous zombies.

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Mindy Robinson in “Guns For Hire”

actress mindy robinson guns for hire action on film festival 2017

– It’s a visual feast to watch a woman wielding a weapon on film and the alluring Mindy Robinson does that and more in her upcoming feature “Guns For Hire” which sees her offing a bunch of people in kick-ass fashion!
– She’s quickly coming into her own as an action starlet having already sizzled in the horror and comedic fronts such as on the Evil Bong franchise as well as “You Can’t Have It” and “Bikini Model Academy”.
– This doll of an indie actress has a busy 2017 to 2018 with appearances on multiple films and also a TV series “Hell Hunters” which will see her opposite revered horror alum Lin Shaye from “The Conjuring” movies.

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Meggie Maddock in “Fire Ripples”

actress meggie meddock guns for hire action on film festival 2017

– With her stunning beauty that has shades of the iconic Marilyn Monroe whom she has portrayed in the indie drama “Dear Eleanor”, inculcating a passion for Meggie Maddock should come easily for her many admirers.
– Her mesmerising ways came to the fore as the leading lady of “Eat” where she enthralled as a bizarre woman with a craving for her own flesh. One could say she’s quite the hypnotic face of the indie film world.
– She stars in “Fire Ripples” as Julie, a female firefighter who is dragged by an insane asylum escapee into a raging forest fire. Of course things quickly heat up between the pair as they deal with their intense encounter.

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