TV Vixens To Crave – 23 August 2017

Sarah Booth in “21 Thunder”

actress sarah booth 21 thunder

– With soccer being a passion of mine and with Sarah Booth who is likewise fondly revered on this blog appearing on the footie themed series “21 Thunder”, it’s time to highlight this gem of an actress.
– Having been memorably riveting in her dramatic guest-star role as Captain Beth Williams on “Law & Order: SVU”, Sarah is enchanting us once more as Cheyenne whose husband has a beef with rising soccer star Nolan Gallard.
– For those who love their content consumption digitally, be sure to catch her on the comedic web series “Mondays” as Kate, a peddler of unconventional advice who tries to help her socially awkward friend Kelly.

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Jessie Fraser in “Zoo”

actress jessie fraser zoo

– One of the most beguiling faces to emerge on the small screen in recent years, Jessie Fraser certainly belongs in the impressive pantheon of Canadian actresses with the undeniable disposition of graceful poise.
– Don’t miss her on “Zoo” in the following weeks as she guest-stars as Corporal Lee, an agent of the International Animal Defense Group (IADG) who is doing her part to track and curtail the threat of hybrids.
– Her run on television is only going to get hotter with her upcoming appearance on the 2nd Season of “Van Helsing”, the popular vampire series. Expect Jessie to captivatingly sink her teeth into her new character.

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Michelle Clunie in “Teen Wolf”

actress michelle clunie teen wolf

– Michelle Clunie has shown to be a voice of activism which is a inspirational extension of her many talents as a performer where her many appearances across film and television have been one of honest dramatism.
– She returns to “Teen Wolf” in its final season as Mrs. Finch, the Biology teacher at Beacon Hills High School who in the latest episode doesn’t lift a finger to help the battered Liam Dunbar despite her firm persona.
– With rumours of a reunion for the hit show “Queer As Folk”, let’s hope we get to see Michelle reprising her role as Melanie Marcus. There’s so many shades of her to explore which Michelle would flesh out with vividness.

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