TV Vixens To Crave – 26 August 2017

Elaine Kao in “Disjointed”

actress elaine kao disjointed

– The Binge watching network is rumbling on this week which means plenty of reasons to catch the lovely Elaine Kao turn on her comedic charms on the new Netflix series “Disjointed” which is now available for viewing.
– Elaine is wonderful as Mary Fakename (pronounced as F** who teaches viewers how to make marijuana butter better on the series that sees Kathy Bates as the Cannabis peddling legend Ruth Whitefeather.
– She has also appeared on the laugh-a-ton that is “Fresh Off The Boat” and her versatility which has a resonating elegance across film, television and theatre will be of much interest for audiences.

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Astrea Campbell-Cobb in “Snowfall”

actress astrea campbell cobb snowfall

– In the second series that has illicit drugs as its premise, the enchanting Astrea Campbell-Cobb makes an appearance on the riveting 1980s set crack-cocaine themed FX drama series “Snowfall”.
– On Episode 8 entitled ‘Baby Teeth’, she plays a rather sprightly and articulate waitress who might hold some valuable info that could help Justine Lupe’s character Victoria in finding her missing sister.
– The lissome Astrea also stars in “Till We Meet Again” which was recently released on DVD, Blu Ray and on Amazon and it’s an indie relationship drama where she’s quite the seductive influence for lonely hearts.

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Sarah Hagan in “The Night Shift”

actress sarah hagan the night shift

– From television to film, Sarah Hagan has excelled in the guises of offbeat women as well as those who deal with much darker issues and it is her daring finesse onscreen that keeps us glued to her every endeavour.
– We were mesmerised by her unnerving performance in “Sun Choke” where her descend into maladjusted psychosis as Janie is truly unsettling with a rawness that’s becoming of an accomplished indie star that Sarah is.
– Check her out on the latest episode of what is an intense episode of “The Night Shift” as she plays Althea, a CT Tech who helps process an immigrant with evil intentions and the situation soon implodes even further.

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