The Women Of Vikes

When it comes to indie films, the inner workings of characters are much more prominent and that is why we’ve drawn to the women who make them a joy to watch. The romantic comedy “Vikes” now available online should be of endearing note to us as will be screen sweethearts Sydney Sweeney and Christie Lynn Smith.

Sydney Sweeney

actress sydney sweeney vikes

If there’s one actress everyone should be raving about right now, she would be the beguiling Sydney Sweeney who in recent years has quickly become a captivating face on both film and TV. From her award-winning performance in the horror film “The Horde” to recently guest-starring on the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 Finale, Sydney’s impeccable flair as an actress is a visual delight.

With upcoming roles in 2 riveting new TV shows namely “Sharp Objects” alongside Amy Adams and “Everything Sucks” which is a throwback to the 1990s, she’s on fire! Before those big gigs, she’ll be eye-catching in “Vikes” as Ida, a young woman who helps a high schooler in his protest movement to change the name of his High School’s sports and academic teams. He also has an ulterior motive and with Sydney’s Ida being his crush, there might be romance in the air. At the same time, viewers will undoubtedly be showering the uber talent that is Sydney Sweeney with the utmost affection too.

Christie Lynn Smith

actress christie lynn smith vikes

With her socially relevant comedy “Rated” having taken the festival circuit by storm with numerous awards and nominations, Christie Lynn Smith is already a notable figure of independent films. Her mesmerising performance as Maggie Mitchell, a housewife under duress during an era of social ranking order where her own status is rather underwhelming won her a Best Actress Award at the Golden Door International Film fest.

It is a testament to her incredible prowess as a fetching entertainer which also includes her creativity in writing and producing. In “Vikes”, she plays Officer Jonsson who is very likely to cross paths with the protagonists of the protests as she discharges her duties. A perennial favourite on the big screen as well as the small which included a recent guest-starring role on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Christie is a charmer year on year.

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