Sepideh Moafi

Sepideh Moafi in “The Deuce”

actress sepideh moafi the deuce

This week, we’ve got a glimpse of Sepideh Moafi in her recurring role as Loretta, the streetwalker who turns tricks for the pimp Larry Brown (Gbenga Akinnagbe) but she’ll most definitely spice it up on “The Deuce”. The new HBO series takes us to the heyday of the porn industry with Sepideh in an esteemed cast that includes James Franco as the Martino twins. They become the fronts for the Mob as the seedy business of porn takes off as a mainstream cash cow. As the feisty lady of the night who will introduce Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Eileen ‘Candy’ Merrell to a new level in the sex industry, those will be moments to savour with 2 of my favourite actresses side by side.

I can’t wait for the friendship between Sepideh’s Loretta and Maggie’s Candy to thrive in a show that’s courted quite the heated discussion on hot button topics such as misogyny and titillation. One should however be privy to the fact that Maggie is a producer which should signify that the female voice is very much heard. After all it’s the female performers that made porn such a big thing and it is their complex lives that should be at the centre of attention. With “Game Of Thrones” due for an end to its popular run, hopes are high that “The Deuce” can itself be successful which should likewise get us excited about following Sepideh’s work on the drama series.

actress sepideh moafi

From the alluring to the scandalous moments on television, Sepideh has nailed her diverse portrayals with an assured elegance which makes it all the more fascinating as she’s already odds on to make waves.

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