Buzzworthy Screen Sirens @ Venice International Film Festival 2017

Lindsay Burdge in “Thirst Street”

actress lindsay burdge thirst street venice international film festival 2017

– Her track record of embodying the darkness of the human condition is second to none and Lindsay Burdge inveigles us yet again in her latest role in “Thirst Street” which tells of an unbridled lust that turns deadly.
– In one of the most compelling performances ever seen on independent cinema, she’s absorbing as the American flight attendant Gina who is reeling from a lover’s death only to tumble into a tumultuous new affair.
– From her strikingly memorable turn in the acclaimed “A Teacher” back in 2013, we knew Lindsay was a gem and she went on to replicate her dramatic refinement in movies such as “Lace Crater” and “”The Invitation”.

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Rachael Perrell Fosket in “Lean On Pete”

actress rachel perrell fosket lean on pete venice international film festival 2017

– Rachael Perrell Fosket should be a favourite among followers of indie film as well as television as she’s been dazzling up both mediums in the most endearing fashion with her charms at the centre of our affection.
– She’s had notable guest-starring roles on shows such as “Portlandia”, “Hawaii Five-0” and Grimm and was a scene-stealer as the ordinary girl turned Love Goddess Cindy Kroger whom everyone falls in love with at first glance.
– With me being an admirer of our female voices on film, it will be a joy to watch Rachael alongside Chloë Sevigny in the coming of age drama “Lean On Pete”, a tale where we can expect her to add delightful resonance.

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Kathryn Aboya in “Downsizing”

actress kathryn aboya downsizing venice international film festival 2017

– There’s so much to adore about Canadian actresses and the elegant Kathryn Aboya will be on a captivating run at film festivals starting with the prestigious Venice Film Fest and soon TIFF in September this year.
– She recently starred in the action/drama web series “Petrol” as Samira who immigrated from Afghanistan to settle in Canada with her family as we get to see the lives of reckless drivers working for a mysterious employer.
– Catch her alongside Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Neil Patrick Harris, Christoph Waltz and Alec Baldwin in the film “Downsizing” where humans are shrunk to less their normal height in order to save the planet.

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