Eva Bourne

actress eva bourne garage sale mystery

The gorgeous Eva Bourne has appeared on some of the most popular shows on the small screen namely “Once Upon A Time” and “When Calls The Heart”. She currently stars as Hannah Shannon, the daughter of Lori Loughlin’s character Jennifer Shannon in a wave of films in the “Garage Sale Mystery” series. While her mum has the investigative instincts, Hannah is blessed with the brains in the family. This year audiences can catch her on these 4 movies:

– Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder
– Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text
– Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval
– Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder

Now that’s more than enough hours to form an adoration for Eva who is a lovable spark on the “Garage Sale Mystery”. The franchise has also enriched television with its formula of whodunit intrigue. It’s no wonder the Hallmark Channel is fast becoming an outlet for our viewing obsession and it has most certainly to do with the presence of fetching actresses such as Eva.

It’s a big draw as we get invested in each standalone TV movie and has us turning into amateur sleuths to figure out the killer. As are our focus on the Shannon family who are the drivers of the series. Onscreen, Eva’s genial qualities are undeniable which will ensure this Canadian sweetheart will be at the cusp of a soaring fandom.

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