The Women Of One Mississippi

If you’re admiring a bevy of actresses that warrant much endearment then these gracious ladies of the new season of “One Mississippi” should have your amorous attention. Season 2 pulls no punches in dealing with issues such as racism, religious intolerance as well as gender identity which include LGBTQ acceptance which has a recurring theme through every episode. There have been plenty of unrest in the US and in “One Mississippi”, we get to at least see a slice of optimism in Tig Notaro’s quest to find her one true love. Darkness can only be met with love I say and the accomplished female cast of of “One Mississippi” is deserving of our affection.

Stephanie Allyne

actress stephanie allyne one mississippi

We know her as the spouse of the amazing Tig Notaro and Stephanie is most definitely finding success on independent cinema as well as television and the web. This season on “One Mississippi”, we are given a much deeper glimpse of the crush that Tig has for Stephanie’s Kate who by the way is straight on the show. Their interactions have its innate charm even if at times it doesn’t seem to develop into any hints of romance and there’s even a crushing affirmation from Kate that somewhat derails hopes of one. Stephanie does indeed have a winsome appeal and she would be received warmly as the love interest of this great series.

Beth Grant

actress beth grant one mississippi

As one of the most beloved actresses to captivate us across film and TV, Beth Grant has given us a host of memorable performances. Viewers know her best as the eccentric Beverly on “The Mindy Project” which will be returning soon for its 6th Season and she also recently appeared on the fantasy novel adaptation “American Gods”. On “One Mississippi”, Beth reprises her role as Mellie who has a clash of thoughts with Tig in the premier episode of this season. They were debating the notion of celebrating Great American Day which is celebrating Martin Luther King as well as Robert E. Lee which we know recently sparked deadly riots.

Angela Trimbur

actress angela trimbur one mississippi

By now everyone should be gravitating towards the ravishing Angela Trimbur who has majorly captured our attention throughout 2017. After dazzling up the festival circuit in films such as “Trash Fire”, “XX” and “Psychopaths”, she makes a killing even on the small screen. Angela guest-stars as Phoebe, an attractive fan of Tig’s show who is introduced by Kate (Stephanie Allyne) and the two proceed to the early throes of dating territory. Considering that Tig is lesbian and proud while Phoebe prefers to remain in the closet, can the two hit it off? Yet again, Angela’s delectable facets come to the fore and ensures she’s very much a screen crush.

Kiva Jump

actress kiva jump one mississippi

She’s already worked with John Lithgow on “Trial And Error” and Matthew Perry on “The Odd Couple and now Kiva appears on “One Mississippi” alongside John Rothman who plays Tig’s stepfather Bill. Her character encounters Bill in the elevator of this workplace and converses with him on all things Jane Eyre or so she thinks. While it might have been a short scene, Kiva has a meatier role as the high-strung Bethany Higgins who is a tad overprotective in the indie comedy “Eliza Sherman’s Revenge”. With such a fascinating performance in the arena of comedy, expect Kiva to elicit even more laughter in her future endeavours.

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