Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 11 September 2017

Aina Dumlao in “Ballers”

actress aina dumlao ballers

– Her role as Andie Lee, the personal assistant to the head of the Phoenix Foundation on “MacGyver” put her into our adoring sights and she’s currently in a recurring role on “Ballers” alongside Rob Corddry and Dwayne Johnson.
– She plays Natalie, an employee at Anderson Financial who goes into an ax-wielding rage after finding out the company could be up for sale. She aced the anger of her character in putting the fear in Joe (Rob Corddry).
– The vivacious Aina also recently appeared on Noches Con Platanito, partaking in the barrel of laughs that’s been such a fixture on the raucous talk show. She most certainly can brighten up a room or the life of a clown!

Stacey Oristano in “Shockwave”

actress stacey oristano shockwave

– We know her best for the authentic portrayals she’s essayed of complicated women on “Friday Night Lights” and “Bunheads” and now the lovely Stacey Oristano is set to enthral us as a heroic action star.
– Catch her in the disaster flick “Shockwave” as geophysicist Kate Ferris as she tries to save her family and the planet from a disastrous series of volcanic storms which was accidentally trigged by a seismic weapon.

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– While we clamour for a reunion of “Friday Night Lights” where incidentally Stacey returned on the “Gilmore Girls” revival in 2016, she will be appearing with Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino in 2 upcoming films.

Jenni Pulos in “Flipping Out”

actress jenni pulos flipping out

– Reality Series Star, doting mum of 2 daughters and even a rapper, Jenni Pulos has proven she’s a superwoman in more ways than one. This headliner of Bravo TV series “Flipping Out” is also a vision of benevolence.
– She’s regarded as the calming influence of “Flipping Out” which always encompasses tension-filled drama and in Season 10 she’s become the consummate advisor to boss Jeff Lewis on all things parenthood.

actress jenni pulos autograph

– Reminiscing about my connection with Jenni many years earlier, I feel blessed to have gotten an autograph print (above) from her which is bound to be priceless right about now. She’s a Genuine Class Act!

Susie Abromeit in “Sometimes The Good Kill”

actress susie abromeit sometimes the good kill

– With news that the ravishing Susie Abromeit is playing the mum of Ray Palmer in “Legends Of Tomorrow” which will be set during the ’80s, we can’t wait to see her dazzle in bold colours and a sequin piece or two.

– Before that let her intrigue us in “Sometimes The Good Kill” on Lifetime as she sheds her smouldering sex symbol stature to star as the nun Sister Talia who is swept into the deceit and mystery brewing at her Abbey.
– Whilst disappointment must have been in the air when her character Pam from “Jessica Jones” did not appear on “The Defenders”, Susie has entrenched herself in many a comic fanboy’s heart as their Screen Goddess!

Kate Siegel in “Gerald’s Game”

actress kate siegel gerald's game

– Her riveting performance as Maddie, the deaf writer battling a home invasion in “Hush” installed Kate Siegel as one of the heroines of indie horror and she’s been a compelling figure in the genre ever since.
– Kate will appear as the mum of Carla Gugino’s character in several flashback scenes as she tries to extricate herself out of a hairy situation being handcuffed to her bed in the psychological horror film “Gerald’s Game”.
– This enchantress is slated to reunite with Carla once more in “The Haunting of Hill House”, the upcoming Netflix 10-episode straight-to-series modern re-imagining of Shirley Jackson’s classic 1959 novel.

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