Screen Darlings To Crave @ TIFF 2017 – Part 2

Rory Uphold in “Bodied”

actress rory uphold bodied tiff 2017

– She’s already graced the TIFF 2017 premiere of her hard-hitting film “Bodied” which is produced by the great Eminem and one could say the talented Rory Uphold is odds on to garner adulation from around the world.

– She plays Maya, the outspoken vegan girlfriend who disapproves of the insults in the rap battles between her boyfriend Adam (Calum Worthy) and other punch-liners as he heads for his fifteen minutes of fame!
– Besides the rap battles and provocative drama, the cracks that appear in Adam’s and Maya’s relationship soon festers and Rory soundly depicts her character’s misgivings about her boyfriend’s life trajectory.

Madison McKinley in “Molly’s Game”

actress madison mckinley molly's game tiff 2017

– The heavenly features of actress and model Madison McKinley ensures she’s a genuine hottie what with her undeniable radiance very much a fixture on both television and film notably in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
– Don’t miss Madison at her seductive best in “Molly’s Game” as we see her feminine wiles captivate the screen in the film which has Jessica Chastain playing all the winning hands as the titular Poker Queen Molly.
– Those who are in “Game of Thrones” withdrawal can look forward to seeing Madison as Denise, Mother Of Dragons in “Purge of Thrones” which meshes the most popular show on the planet with the horror flick “Purge”.

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Carly Brooke & Christy Escobar in “Who We Are Now”

actress carly brooke who we are now tiff 2017
actress christy escobar who we are now tiff 2017

– We always say a big yes to the kissable cuties of this era and with the blossoming emergence of Carly Brooke and Christy Escobar who both appear in the drama “Who We Are Now”, our fondness for them keeps growing.
– One of the most alluring faces onscreen, Carly made a memorable impression in her recurring role on “Younger” as Becky, the overly bubbly temp who can sometimes can on the nerves of everyone at publishing house Empirical.
– Christy recently appeared at the red carpet premiere and there will be more chances to be fascinated with this willowy beauty as her thriller “Anomalous” has now been released on numerous digital platforms.

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