TV Vixens To Crave – 14 September 2017

Chelsea Hayes in “Being Mary Jane”

actress chelsea hayes being mary jane

– Best known for her recurring role on the drama series “Complications” as Liz, the live-in girlfriend of Jessica Szohr’s character Gretchen, Chelsea makes yet another fetching impression on TV this week.
– She’s a guest star on “Being Mary Jane” as Marci Livingstone, an inspirational figure who hires refugees to restore empty houses. However, her ideals clashes with the bitchy new SNC host Dani (Victoria Staley).
– Her endearing features are most certainly prominent on “Being Mary Jane” and here’s hoping we get to see even more of Chelsea on the small screen as she has a pleasing glow every time she’s on screen.

Katie Walder in “Lethal Weapon”

actress katie walder lethal weapon

– One of the most serenely beautiful actresses to grace the screen, Katie Walder is very much the epitome of a sweetheart, enriching both film and television with an infectious tenderness that’s to be admired.
– Catch Katie’s guest-star role on the premiere episode in the 2nd Season of “Lethal Weapon” as she plays Denise Barnes who gets in way over her head after tending to
Roger Murtaugh’s finger injury at her clinic.
– After appearing alongside Damon Wayans, she will be seen opposite Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins in the upcoming drama series “Here, Now” which chronicles the lives of a multi-racial family whose bonds are soon tested.

Rebecca Liddiard in “Alias Grace”

actress rebecca liddiard alias grace

– Netflix is churning hits one after another and their latest “Alias Grace” promises a female cast of riveting pedigree which includes leading lady Sarah Gadon and the uber-talented Rebecca Liddiard.
– We adored her as Adelaide Stratton on “Houdini and Doyle”, the first woman constable of the London Metro Police and this time she’s luminous as Mary Whitney, a good friend of Grace and likewise a housemaid.
– Rebecca is primed to be one of television’s most coveted faces with this Canadian siren slated to star in CBC’s new detective drama Frankie Drake Mysteries alongside Lauren Lee Smith and the 2nd Season of “Slasher”.

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