Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 19 September 2017

Edi Patterson in “Vice Principals”

actress edi patterson vice principals

– It’s time to indulge in a laugh-a-ton as the Season 2 premiere “Vice Principals” is upon us with the bubbly Edi Patterson reprising her role as Ms Abbott with wacky fervour which will be endearingly embraced.
– With her new hairstyle which Neal Gamby (Danny McBride) sarcastically puts down, Edi’s return as Ms. Abbott is one of unrequited love and it’s still her manic, oft-kilter performance that has us in stitches.

– The talented Edi is making an art form of portraying twisted women on television and she’s definitely given us moments of comedy gold. That can only point to viewers being taken on a wild ride thanks to Edi’s brilliance.

Kara Jackson in “The Wilde Wedding”

actress kara jackson the wilde wedding

– Blossoming starlet Kara Jackson is on the cusp of making waves as she looks to keep us enthralled on both the small and big screen most notably appearing in the star-laden comedy “The Wilde Wedding”.
– Catch her as Patrick Stewart’s onscreen daughter Bee who can be a tad moody as she attends what is destined to be a chaotic nuptials between him and Eve (Glenn Close) with her ex husband (John Malkovich) in tow.
– With the Amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” being feted, it will be a boon for us to see Kara Jackson as a retro beauty alongside Rachel Brosnahan who plays a housewife with aspirations to become a standup comic.

Jennifer Robyn Jacobs in “Deadly Detention”

actress rebecca liddiard alias grace

– Growing up, I was besotted with the bubbly appeal of actress Samaire Armstrong and one could say in similar fashion the demure cuteness of Jennifer Roybn Jacobs does warrant love from fans of spunky women onscreen.
– If you like “The Breakfast Club” with a little twist of slasher thrills then do watch Jennifer as Taylor Hunt, one of the archetypical students at a detention class beseiged by a bloodthirsty serial killer.
– Let’s just hope she’s the final girl as her character the punkette Taylor is certainly endearing. Fear not, we’ll be seeing more of her threading the horror comedy route in the upcoming “The Frankenstein Monster Project”.

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