Austin Revolution Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Summera Howell

actress summera howell austin revolution film festival 2017

The sweethearts of independent cinema consistently catch our attention and Summera Howell is set to enliven the film festival circuit in the coming months. She stars as Saorise in the short film “The Dead Party”, a woman who is searching for a connection amidst the chaos of a house party. Serenely beautiful, Summera is notable for gravitating towards unusual fare onscreen having already appeared on “American Horror Story” and this month she has appeared on “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories”. This comedy horror series has to be one of the weirdest shows on TV right now joining the likes of “Channel Zero” and of course the recently concluded “Twin Peaks”. Summera also had a supporting role on “Teen Wolf” which in its final season this year.

In October, Summera has a short film entitled “Avowed” which is slated to screen at the Carmel International Film Fest. She stars as Robin, a nun who struggles to find God’s touch in a brain dead man whom she is caring for. She also doubles up as a director of “Avowed” which seamlessly melds experiences of the cognitively disabled, care givers, and women who’ve taken religious vows. Being a caregiver myself with my mum’s on-going illness, hers is a story that many all over the world will identify. Do catch her in the drama “Blue Line Station” which is an official selection at the Marina Del Ray Film Fest. She plays Amelia, one half of a high school couple who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy and together embark on a road trip to figure things out. With a series of thought provoking features she’s already part of, the fetching Summera is rapidly winning our hearts.

actress summera howell the dead party

Do visit the Summera Howell Official Site for all the latest updates

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