LA Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Helen Soraya

actress helen soraya la indie film festival 2017

UK-born Helen Soraya is a great bet to win many an indie fan’s hearts with her inimitable charms. She stars in the comedy pilot “Casting Call” as Liz, one of the colourful workers at a commercial casting office. Helen also gets to keep her British accent which as we know has quite the sultry affectation that’s as saucy as her red hair. One could say her Liz is portrayed with a touch of moxie as the Brits often say and we could all relate to the sometimes caustic nature of front line staff. Those who are attending this year’s LA Indie Film Fest should look out for Helen as she’ll be at the “Casting Call” screening.

She’s invested lots of love into her role which should be reason aplenty to watch her resonate with captivating verve onscreen. Helen’s diverse body of work has also seen her appear in horror films namely “Blood Rush” and “Horror House” as well as a stint on the sci-fi actioner “Doomsday”. There’s never been a better time than now to shower indie talents such as the luminous Helen with an abundance of passion. I believe we already can’t wait to see her future incarnations as Helen adds her distinctively wonderful imprint on film.

actress helen soraya casting call

Do visit the Helen Soraya Official Site for all the latest updates.

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