Kirstin Rae Hinton

actress kirstin rae hinton alias grace tiff 2017

We are on a passion movement for Canadian actresses and Kirstin Rae Hinton will be a Canadian actress to be adored by everyone. Hot on the heels of “The Handmaid’s Tale” comes another historical piece that will keep us enthralled with Kirstin playing the mother of Sarah Gadon’s Grace in the Netflix series “Alias Grace”. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel, “Alias Grace” sees our titular heroine who is a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland in the midst of being accused of murder. As she recollects her life story to Dr Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft), we get a glimpse of the hardships she endured with her mother who seems to have a premonition of death. Portraying Grace’s mother figure, Kirstin essays an authentic performance as a grizzled woman trying to give her family a better life by migrating to Canada. Not forgetting that she also speaks in a Northern Irish accent which is impressive!

Fans of “Suits” also would have caught a glimpse of her in the recent mid-season finale where she appeared alongside Meghan Markle, the main squeeze of Prince Harry. She has also been on the sci-fi series “Dark Matter” as well as on “Murdoch Mysteries” which has returned for its 11th Season this week. With the hottest commodity in entertainment being television and Kirstin being on this wonderful run, viewers should be keeping an eye out for this graceful beauty as she looks to enrapture us on the small screen.

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