The Women Of Seal Team

One could say CBS is pulling out the big guns with the new drama series “Seal Team” starting this week. Headlined by David Boreanaz, we get to see not only intense action but also a glimpse into the heaviness experienced by Navy Seals. What better than to shine the spotlight on the actresses who will be catching our eyes on “Seal Team” which includes the lovely duo of Toni Trucks and Parisa Fakhri.

Toni Trucks

actress toni trucks seal team

Her chemistry with David Boreanaz is palpable from the start with Toni starring as Diaz, the logistics officer who is part of the Seal Team led by David’s Jason Hayes. She is tasked with making arrangements to get the team and their gear where they need to be. In the first episode, she rises above the challenges that are often time sensitive proving to be a most important member of the Navy Seal team. One of the most endearing faces on TV right now, Toni is now making waves after kick-ass stints on hit shows such as “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Grimm”. Her gregarious disposition will win over numerous fans from all over the planet!

Parisa Fakhri

actress parisa fakhri seal team

The biggest news in relation to the rise of actress Parisa Fakhri is that she is slated to appear on “Shameless” in its 8th Season. Being such a popular show with its caustic irreverent humour and easily one of my favourite shows as will be for many others, do expect her to add juicy moxie to the series. Before that, we can catch the enchanting Parisa on “Seal Team” as she has a recurring role as Naima, the pregnant wife of Ray (Neil Brown Jr), a senior operative of the Navy Seal assault team. Their relationship is a tender loving one especially since they have a young one on the way as Parisa’s character is pregnant when we are first introduced to her.

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