Indie Darlings To Adore @ Raindance Film Festival 2017

Megan Henry in “In Absentia”

actress megan henry in absentia raindance film festival 2017

– Her dynamic and unconventional turn as Maddie, the relentless vigilante in the action thriller “Guardian Angel” made waves on the festival circuit. The convergence of religion and justice hit the right mark with audiences.
– With those mesmerising blue eyes and notable for being an award-winning actress, Megan is catching fire as a rising independent film talent. Her palpable allure is to be fondly remembered by many.
– She stars in the darkly intriguing anthology web series “In Absentia” which has elements that are just as captivating as Megan. Threading on sci-fi territory ala The Twilight Zone, we’ll be watching her intently.

Rebecca Calder in “The Dark Mile”

actress rebecca calder the dark mile raindance film festival 2017

– LGBTQ themed horror films are finally finding their foothold onscreen and it’s great that the enchanting Rebecca Calder headlines the feature “The Dark Mile” which has garnered comparisons to “The Wicker Man”.
– She plays Louise a stressed out woman who goes with her partner Claire (Deirdre Mullins) on a boating trip in the Scottish Highlands. Little do they know that the occult could well be a threat to their lives.
– As we’ve seen with her performances in the intense indie short “Love Me Do” and on the hit UK series “Silent Witness”, Rebecca adeptly handles the every-changing traits of women under duress with a divine finesse.

Masa Lizdek in “That’s My DJ”

actress masa lizdek that's my dj raindance film festival 2017

– Time and again, we gravitate to the sweetest faces from Canada and the fetching Masa Lizdek would make anyone weak at the knees. Ever since her emergence on “Man Seeking Woman”, she’s gone to appear in several shows.
– Her most recent one was on the final season of medical drama series “Saving Hope” where she played Grace, a gunshot victim in a crossfire whom Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) is determined to save.
– This cutie can also be seen in the EDM-dance tinged web series “That’s My DJ” as Cory a local scenester who catches the eye of an aspiring DJ as well as fellow party raver Meagan (Emily Piggford).

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