Horror Vixens To Crave @ ShriekFest 2017

Whitney Nielsen in “Mercy Christmas”

actress whitney nielsen mercy christmas shriekfest 2017

– Thanks to the illustrious founder of Shriekfest Denise Gossett, we horror fans are treated to the most enchanting women in horror and Whitney Nielsen is very much a covetable Scream Queen in the making.
– She stars in the comedic horror flick “Mercy Christmas” as the resourceful and feisty Katharine who helps her fellow dinner guest Michael Briskett as they fight a cannibalistic family gunning for their flesh!
– Having been eye-catching as a cunning criminal in the guise of a runaway bride on “My Crazy Ex” and a survivor in “Axeman 2: Overkill”, Whitney has proven to be a versatile talent with a spunky magnetism.

Brea Bee in “Miscast”

actress brea bee miscast shriekfest 2017

– With “Miscast” having already screened at the prestigious “Dances With Films” and starring the radiant Brea Bee, it’s premiere at this year’s Shriekfest should excite those of us who adore witchcraft-themed features.
– She’s in bewitching mode as the office worker April who happens to be a real witch and proceeds to turn her office party into a blood-soaked massacre. This is one scary witch we would not want to mess with!
– In 2017, Brea has guest-starred on “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “Grey’s Anatomy” as well as “The Goldbergs” and most recently appeared on the soap “General Hospital” Dr. Sharon Grant who is quite the master manipulator.

Sarah Nicklin & Jessica Sonneborn in “The Basement”

actress sarah nicklin the basement shriekfest 2017
actress jessica sonneborn the basement shriekfest 2017

– The duo of Sarah Nicklin and Jessica Sonneborn are certainly the sweethearts of horror with each having their own brand of sex appeal that has seen them take on some of the most intense, thought provoking roles.
– They both join Mischa Barton in “The Basement”, the violent flick that turns things that we knew about horror on its head with the antagonist forcing his victims to partake in a role reversal to fuel his demented desires.
– It is looking like this is the year to ensure our peepers are fixated on the steady rise of Sarah and Jessica as they have a busy slate of indie horror films to whet our appetite for all things terror!

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