TV Vixens To Crave – 6 October 2017

Carly Craig in “American Housewife”

actress carly craig american housewife

– One only has to gaze your eyes upon the delectable Carly Craig to affirm she’s one of the sexiest comediennes on the planet with her vegan thumping Tara Summers stirring things up on “American Housewife”.
– On Season 2, she’s on another level as the caustic Tara who rekindles her hate-hate relationship with Katy Mixon’s Katie as their battle of wills and contemptuous banter enliven the show once more.
– Carly may be the nemesis on a much loved comedy series but it can be said that we do harbour admiration for her smooth delivery that’s tinged with spot-on humour as the irksome villainous figure.

Ilana Becker in “Gotham”

actress ilana becker gotham

– The bubbly Ilana Becker should be regarded as one of the hottest faces on TV right now so be sure not to miss her wielding a mean flamethrower as well as riddles on “Gotham” in her guest-starring role this week!
– We do love the kooky villains on “Gotham” and Ilana’s portrayal of Myrtle Jenkins, the number 1 fan and saviour of Cory Michael Smith’s The Riddler is a hoot replete with the maladjusted leanings of craziness.
– She definitely has the loveable X-factor which many around the world would be summarily attracted to. Her endeavours on independent cinema and the commercial scene will likewise increase her popularity.

Sharon Taylor in “Ghost Wars”

actress sharon taylor ghost wars

– After her stint on the compelling series “Bellevue” alongside Anna Paquin, Sharon Taylor threads the supernatural realm on the SYFY channel’s “Ghost Wars” set in a remote Alaskan town beset by the paranormal.
– As the dead and the living converge, we are taken into the life of Sophie Moon played by Sharon who is a coroner with a young son in tow. She soon discovers there are terrifying things that defy explanation!
– On the big screen, she can be seen as Agent Jenkins opposite Sean Bean of “Game Of Thrones” fame who stars as a military drone contractor whose family is held hostage in the action thriller “Drone”.

Brynn Alexander in “Lucifer”

actress brynn alexander lucifer

– “Lucifer” is easily one of my favourite shows and would be for many viewers too so it’s a boon to get to see the entertaining Season 3 premiere episode with Brynn Alexander making a most sizzling entrance.
– Brynn plays Remedy, a masseur who appears unannounced in front of Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) courtesy of his brother Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and she’s sure to turn us on in a scene that’s jovial yet titillating.
– While she’s been building her indie cred in films such as “What If My Wife Died In Yoga Class?” and “Dutch Kills”, we hold dear her captivating presence alongside fellow beauties such as Lauren German and Aimee Garcia.

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