Screen Sirens To Adore @ Sitges Film Festival 2017

Clémentine Poidatz in “Housewife”

actress clementine poidatz housewife sitges film festival 2017

– Hot on the heels of surrealistic horror in the vein of “Mother” comes the hypnotic and gruesome terror tale “Housewife” starring the elegant Clémentine Poidatz who will undoubtedly keep us on the edge of our seats!
– She stars as Holly, a woman who while reeling from a family tragedy sees her life take an unexpectedly terrifying turn when she is introduced to a strange cult-like group that lead by a bizarre celebrity psychic.
– Having previously appeared alongside Naomi Watts in the psychological thriller “Shut In” and being eye-catching in the docu-drama “Mars”, the immensely gifted Clémentine is a rising star the world will adore.

Carlee Baker in “The Predicament”

actress carlee baker the predicament sitges film festival 2017

– Carlee Baker is easily a fan favourite when it comes to independent horror where she first started captivating us in “The Woman”, the TV series “Femme Fatales” and most recently in “Creatures of Whitechapel”.
– This time she stars in “The Predicament”, the zom-com that sees her as Kate, a woman who together with her 2 friends end up trapped in a car surrounded by ravenous zombies only for 1 of them to lose the car keys.
– With her alluring features, it’s apt that the foxy Carlee is playing a love interest amidst even the zombie apocalypse and let’s hope she gets to make an appearance on “The Walking Dead” someday too!

Florence Hartigan in “Phoenix Forgotten”

actress florence hartigan last phoenix forgotten sitges film festival 2017

– US born and New-Zealand raised Florence Hartigan is creating a wave of excitement especially since she’s starring in the sci-thriller “Phoenix Forgotten” which is produced by the acclaimed Ridley Scott.
– In “Phoenix Forgotten”, she plays Sophie Bishop, a documentary filmmaker whose brother, Josh, went missing in 1997 and she sets out to uncover the reasons for his disappearance during the Phoenix Lights incident.
– It’s a film where Florence mines the emotional depth of a woman trying to find some closure regarding the tragedy in her life, nailing the tenacity of her character which can be compared to the driven Fox Mulder.

Caleigh Le Grand in “The Heretics”

actress caleigh le grand sitges film festival 2017

– The sheer number of riveting films that Caleigh Le Grand has appeared in is amazing with her giving us memorable moments in features such as “Late Night Double Feature”, “Save Yourself” and “Broken Mile”.
– She’s back to keep us fixated on the screen yet again with her appearance in the horror film “The Heretics” which sees a girl who is kidnapped by a crazed cult who has somehow planted a demon seed in her body.
– In front and behind the camera, this Toronto-born actor/writer/producer is steadily making a name for herself, enriching the film world with enchanting verve. Our admiration for Caleigh grows ever stronger.

Amanda Fuller in “Fashionista”

actress amanda fuller fashionista sitges film festival 2017

– Whilst Amanda Fuller is notable for her work alongside Tim Allen on “Last Man Standing”, I and many of her fans around the world have a soft spot for her because she’s one of the genuine heroines of independent film.
– Mesmerising turns in psychological horror fares such as “Red White & Blue”, “Cheap Thrills” and “Starry Eyes” installed her as an indie darling with the adeptness at portraying complex, often tortured young women.
– Slated to star in the upcoming festive horror flick “All The Creatures Were Stirring” which sees her opposite Constance Wu from “Fresh Off The Boat”, avid interest is sky high for the captivating Amanda.

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