Sitges Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Alina Andrei

actress alina andrei imbroglio sitges film festival 2017

The luscious Alina Andrei is a cert to set our hearts aflutter with her ravishing sensuality. Her sex appeal is certainly accentuated by her bravery as an accomplished stunt professional. Catch her alongside action star Zoë Bell in the short “Imbroglio” which is screening at this year’s Sitges Film Fest. We won’t want to miss a fight fest between women as the spirit of martial arts is a thing of beauty. Alina is conversant in several forms of the art of self-defence and she’s also proficient in asian swordplay.

Her endeavours as a stuntwoman is potently kickass having notably doubled for Paget Brewster On “Criminal Minds”. With the return of “Criminal Minds” for its 13th Season, Alina’s has been at it for 10 years running, a feat that should be revered! Her most recent work have seen her excel in stunt work on several shows including “Inhumans”, “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Orville” where she will appear as a Krill Soldier in this week’s episode. Onscreen, Alina has thread both the dramatic and comedic fronts. One could say she’s a Wonder Woman in her own right especially since she’s been duking it out in the jungle for “Inhumans”. With her boundless talents, Alina is charting her way up the success ladder!

actress alina andrei sitges film festival 2017

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