The Women Of Hatchet

Horror has been the genre that’s closest to my heart and the “Hatchet” franchise has given many of us some of the goriest moments onscreen as well as entertainingly wicked humour. Seeing how the world has its own real life horrors just as my life has been rather horrid these past few weeks, movies can indeed be a great escape! With the release of Victor Crowley, bloody mayhem descends upon us once again and it’s time to celebrate the bevy of actresses who have graced this Slasher quadrilogy.

Laura Ortiz

actress laura ortiz victor crowley

You might recalled how Laura burst onto the horror scene as Ruby, part of the deformed cannibal family in “The Hills Have Eyes”. She then went on to make a name for herself in the horror comedy “Holliston” as the morbidly sweet aspiring artist Laura. It looks like a full circle as she stars in “Victor Crowley” which sees her reunite with Adam Green the director and also creator of “Holliston”. Her character Rose in “Victor Crowley” is a sweetheart so let’s hope she can be the final girl amidst what is surely to be a gorefest!

Felissa Rose

actress felissa rose victor crowley

Felissa is a legend of the horror genre and she continues to enthral the masses all around the world. She stars in “Victor Crowley” as Kathleen, the pill-popping PR manager of “Hatchet 3” survivor Andrew Yong where she’s bound to illuminate this latest entry of the blood-soaked, limb mangling franchise. Felissa’s movies such as “Family Possessions” have certainly been a favourite across numerous film festivals in 2017. We already can’t wait to see her eye-catching ways in the upcoming horror ensemble team up film “Death House”.

Caroline Williams

actress caroline williams hatchet

Caroline Williams is another legend of the horror genre and very much a Sex Symbol too. She starred in “Hatchet 3” which is screening at the Nightmares Film Festival this week. She was a vision of sassiness as Amanda Fowler, the Sheriff’s ex-wife, journalist and an expert about the legend of Victor Crowley. While Caroline is fondly remembered for her work on “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” as the feisty Stretch, she also captivated us in “Contracted”, “Tales of Halloween” and recently appeared in “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens”.

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