Nightmares Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Tiffany Arnold

actress tiffany arnold nightmares film festival 2017

When it comes to independent horror, the vivacious Tiffany Arnold could soon be regarded as a trailblazer. At this year’s Nightmares Film Fest, she is appearing in 2 horror features of dastardly delights namely “Bong of the Living Dead” and “She Was So Pretty: Be Good for Goodness Sake”. She’s also starring in the comedic horror short “Born Again” which has made headway at numerous other film festivals and very soon many more in the months ahead. In “”Bong of the Living Dead”, it’s stoner buddy caper meets zombie mayhem as a group of zombie movie buffs soon realise the zombie apocalypse is not all fun and games.

Look out for Tiffany as Dr. Kate Mitchell who will at one point be smoking weed from a baseball bat while she teams up with her friends in repelling the walking dead. You’ll be cracking up in no time as these pot smokers raise hell on the zombie invaders! She’s a bright spark even when things seem to be going bad all around her. Horror enthusiasts may also recognise Tiffany from her role as a zombie wife in the raucous “‘Til Death” and she’s indeed a whiz in the horror comedy genre.

actress tiffany arnold bong of the living dead

“She Was So Pretty 2” will see Tiffany as Hope, a bubbly young woman who will cross paths with the deranged killer Alfie which leaves her with a most jarring experience. Can she survive this festive-themed slasher? She also starred in the fan favourite “Born Again” as the Satanist Aranunna who beliefs summoning a demon is the perfect cure for boredom. Tiffany’s next feature will have her teaming up with Canadian Scream Queen and director Jessica Cameron in “Lilith”. Now that’s a match made in Horror Heaven! We’re stoked to follow Tiffany’s rise as a indie horror talent.

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