La Femme International Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Malerie Grady

actress malerie grady la femme film festival 2017

It’s more apt than ever to celebrate the amazing women across multiple platforms and the delectable Malerie Grady is certainly one to covet. She’s starring in the 1960’s set web series “The Drunk Lonely Wives Book Club” which premieres at this year’s La Femme International Film Fest. Malerie plays Nancy, one of 4 neighbourly women who founded a ladies book club and we get a peek into their lives that revolves around their juicy repartee as friendships are forged as well as broken. Many will be attracted to Nancy’s bookwormish persona that’s accentuated by one very sharp mind and I have to say Malerie could indeed be a dead ringer for Melissa Benoist a.k.a. Supergirl!

All forms of female representation need to be advocated and with Malerie being a producer/writer, we are already forming an admirable impression. Post Harvey Weinstein and his shenanigans, there will always be an avenue for female-driven stories which Malerie is a core part of. Incidentally, she was the lead in the indie horror film “Alice In Murderland” which has since garnered a cult following. As the titular Alice, she and her girlfriends come under attack from the Jabberwocky in this Alice In Wonderland themed slasher. Fast forward to 2017 and her work is now being screened on the festival circuit which is only going to enhance Malerie’s exposure. You should remember that Academy Award Winner Amy Adams

actress malerie grady the drunk lonely wives book club la femme film festival 2017

Do remember to visit the Malerie Grady Official Site as there are a collection of photos of her in numerous, compelling poses. The female form is indeed beautiful and we celebrate Malerie as we celebrate all womanhood.

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