La Femme International Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Ally Downs

actress ally downs la femme film festival 2017

Such is the sheer deluge of film festivals that it’s been a boon to feature the impeccable women of independent cinema and one such amazing talent is the luminous Ally Downs. This Daytime Emmy-Winning Producer, Actress and Screenwriter brings her opus “The Caregiver” (Formerly titled “Ed) to this year’s La Femme International Film Fest and weaves an unlikely love story that centres on rays of hope even in the darkest of times. She stars as Angela, a caregiver who injects positivity as soon as she arrives at the home of her new client, Ed, a grumpy elderly man, who has given up on life. Will their blossoming relationship have a happy ending? It’s certainly one of the more heartwarming shorts that will have a touching effect on us all. Seeing how Ally is a doll, she’ll warm up to audiences in the most enlightening of ways on screen.

With her ravishing and relatable looks, it’s easy to see why Ally is former Miss LA beauty queen and has modelled extensively. As a producer, Ally has worked with established celebrities such as Kirsty Alley, Linda Day George, Christopher Lloyd and Hilary Duff. It culminated in her Daytime Emmy win in 2002 for producing a documentary on the famous chef Wolfgang Puck. To see her being a significant addition to a premier festival that focuses on platforming women filmmakers “by women, for everyone” serves to celebrate her innate auteurism. We can’t wait for the next iteration of artistic endeavours from the fetching Miss Ally Downs.

actress ally downs the caregive la femme film festival 2017

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