Orlando Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kiki McCleary

actress kiky mccleary orlando film festival 2017

Exuding a magnetism with her alluring blue eyes, Kiki McCleary would be inculcating a swath of passion in no time. She stars alongside the legendary Malcolm McDowell in the thriller “Culture Of Fear” which is yet another feature directed by a talented lady in Kayla Tabish who also makes an appearance. Please do check out the trailer where it’s soon apparent that Kiki’s character Olivia is way in over her head. After attempting to expose the facade generated by the power echelon, Olivia, the ever intrepid journalist finds herself with a bullseye on her head. Olivia’s aim is to break the chains of those in power who wield an ugly hold on society by instilling fear in the masses. Can she complete her mission before something untoward happens?

To see a story revolving around women and crafted by a female auteur is inspirational and kudos to director Kayla for roping in the smooth operator that is Malcolm McDowell. Kiki too acquaints herself well in the moody piece that threads on government/corporate control of society as her understated yet enchanting presence being integral to the interweaving plot. If you happen to recognise Kiki from somewhere, she has actually been on the hit series “Westworld” as the stewardess on the train heading to the promised land who welcomes Jimmi Simpson’s William, the younger version of the sadistic Man In Black. Here’s hoping her sojourn on film and television will rise in prominence.

actress kiky mccleary culture of fear orlando film festival 2017

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