La Femme International Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Celina Mauti

actress ally downs la femme film festival 2017

With this year’s La Femme Film Festival yet again the epicentre of advancing female creators, it’s an opportune time to highlight the work of multi-faceted actresses such as Celina Mauti. She stars in the short to screen “Life on a Leash” which sees her as Alice, a jovial woman who is part of the adventures or misadventures of discovering the often humorous world of dog parks. With her passion of comedy, it’s easy to see why Celina excels in the aforementioned genre and she’s even created a sketch comedy youtube channel called Planet Crouton Entertainment. Be amazed by the wealth of characters she essays, each with their distinct personalities and odds on to tickle us pink. One could say that being a funny woman is in her blood as she represents some of the quirkiest people you will ever see.

On television, she’s been quite the entertainer on the reality storytelling TV series “My Crazy-Ex” on LMN. In a recent episode called Crusaders, Invaders, and Penetrators, Celina showed her versatility in handling the eccentric aspects of her character Lois who takes it a little too far when she becomes the inspiration for her comic book artist boyfriend. She might be giving her partner a bout of heart attack but viewers will love how Celina nails the oddball almost manic behaviour that’s guaranteed to make us chuckle. It won’t be long before we see her name attached to a comedy series or two and she’ll have her eye-catching moments.

actress ally downs la femme film festival 2017

Do visit the Celina Mauti Official Site for all the latest updates.

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