Screen Darlings To Crave @ Orlando Film Festival 2017

Jami Tennille in “The Lost Within”

actress jami tennille the lost within orlando film festival 2017

– Striking beauty Jami Tennille has made it an artform when it comes to essaying characters with an edgy and esoteric presence, traits which many indie fans will find fascinating on many levels.
– The enigmatic Jami is the leading lady of “The Lost Within”, the slow burner of a thriller that sees her at her compelling best as an enigma of a woman who enthrals reporter/wannabe novelist Jon (David Gries).
– You may also recognize her from the brooding film “Manchester By The Sea”, appearing opposite Academy Award winner Casey Affleck as Janine, the woman who nurses Casey’s Lee Chandler after his bloody bar fight.

Emily Swallow & Missy Yager in “The Games We Play”

actress emily swallow the games we play orlando film festival 2017

actress missy yager the games we play orlando film festival 2017

– Actresses Emily Swallow and Missy Yager are regularly feted on this blog for they are the epitome of screen darlings with their extensive work across film as well as television consistently engaging.
– Emily will be in attendance at this year’s Orlando Film Fest so it’s a great opportunity to get in touch with this luminous personality who has lit up a number of TV shows most notably “Supernatural”.
– Missy is such a lovable figure for a number of years now, enchanting the festival circuit having appeared in multiple thought-provoking independent features including “Manchester By The Sea” and “The Track”.

Annie McCain Engman in “The Lears”

actress annie mccain engman the lears orlando film festival 2017

– Sometimes I wish I was in Orlando, Florida especially seeing how actress Annie McCain Engman is one of the guests at the on-going film festival. Her affable presence is odds on to make it a memorable experience.
– Annie has such a glow about her, it’s easy to connect with her both off and on screen as she will very likely do in the dramedy “The Lears” alongside Bruce Dearn, Sean Astin, Aly Michalka and Victoria Smurfit.
– She is no stranger to film festivals with her films such as “Jake Squared”, “Catfight” and “Black Magic for White Boys” which has even screened at the prestigious Tribeca Film Fest, making her a genuine indie sweetheart.

Ali Froid in “Holden On”

actress ali froid holden on orlando film festival 2017

– She has a smile that would enliven any room and actress/model/host Ali Froid who in 2015 won “Georgia’s Rising Star” award is a stunning, young talent with quite the adore-worthy appeal.
– Don’t miss her in “Holden On” which tells of a 17-year old boy’s endeavours to keep his mental illness a secret. Ali is a natural charmer so expect her to be the light in what is a heavy, emotionally driven drama.
– Ali has also been active on the small screen in shows such as Investigation Discovery’s “Swamp Murders” as well as “Homicide Hunter”, Oxygen’s “Snapped Killer Couples” and Adult Swims “Too Many Cooks”.

Barbara De La Fuente in “The Kiss”

actress barbara de la fuente the kiss orlando film festival 2017

– Barbara De La Fuente is a director, writer, producer, actress and entrepreneur who is passionate about telling stories from the heart. She’s relatable yet personably sassy if there’s a role requiring her to enact.
– In the LGBTQ themed short “The Kiss”, she stars as Mrs. Tancredi, a mother who is summoned to her son’s school because of an indiscretion, triggering both prejudice and tolerance from opposing camps.
– With recent appearances on the TV series “Designated Survivor” as well as a recurring part on the web series “My Roommate’s an Escort”, Barbara is indeed making a vivid impression on various platforms.

Andi Matheny in “The Newest Member”

actress andi matheny the newest member orlando film festival 2017

– With her humorous award-winning short “The Newest Member” having a great run at film festivals across the US, director, writer and leading lady Andi Matheny is going to be celebrated with fondness.
– In this funny satire on technology, she’s brilliant in her role as the accommodating therapist Andrea whose inpatient group therapy member Siri can be a truly foul-mouthed bitch of an artificial intelligence!
– Things should be getting rosy for the endearing Andi as she’s slated to star in the action thriller “The Shadow Effect” alongside accomplished names Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michael Biehn and Cam Gigandet.

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