TV Vixens To Crave – 23rd October

Mercedes de la Zerda in “Designated Survivor”

actress mercedes de la zerda designated survivor

– In the latest episode of “Designated Survivor”, Mercedes de la Zerda has her most emotionally wrought moment to date as Nadia Espinosa when she has a familial falling out with Adan Canto’s Aaron Shore.
– It’s a moving and powerful scene whereby Mercedes gives gravitas to her character who has virtuous ideals for her Mexican bethren. With such dramatic finesse, she’s establishing herself as a talent to covet.
– This year, she has also appeared in the actioner “War for the Planet of the Apes” and recently guest-starred on an episode of “Private Eyes” playing a disenchanted fashion designer turned criminal.

Claudia Ferri in “Bad Blood”

actress claudia ferri bad blood

– Her allure is undeniable and the mesmeric Claudia Ferri is a cert to spice up “Bad Blood” in her recurring role as the adversary to Vito Rizzuto (Anthony LaPaglia), the brutal boss of a crime family in Montreal.
– She’s every bit the polished performer as the driven Quebec Superior Court Justice France Charbonneau who together with her team is starting to make progress into their construction corruption investigation.
– Claudia also recently played a menacing figure in the skin of Bolivian army honcho La Capitana on the series “Queen Of The South” where she proved to be a vicious threat to Sonia Braga’s wily Teresa Mendoza.

Jaclyn Hales in “Extinct”

actress jaclyn hales extinct

– Having been enthralling in the alien invasion film “Alienate”, it’s fitting that the lovely Jaclyn Hales returns to the sci-fi genre on “Extinct”, the new BYUtv series that has intrigue written all over.
– She plays Lynn, the wife of Ezra (Chad Michael Collins) who has miraculously been resurrected by aliens after an extinction level event and we see flashbacks of their life with their young daughter Kylie.
– Jaclyn is notable as an indie sweetheart with a series of films that have dazzled the festival circuit namely the cult comedy “Unicorn City”, “FML” and of course “Christmas Eve” opposite the great Patrick Stewart.

Maria Dizzia in “Red Oaks”

actress maria dizzia red oaks

– She’s very much regarded as one of my favourite actresses and the consummate Maria Dizzia continues to intrigue audiences on the big as well as small screen, often understated but always enthralling.
– Maria is a scene stealer on the 3rd Season of “Red Oaks” where she plays the studious, bespectacled Professor Beryl Fox who offers a startling proposition to Wheeler (Oliver Cooper) to procreate with her.
– It is precisely her immaculate performances in the guise of oddball women previously seen on “Orange Is the New Black” as the kooky Polly Harper that keeps us gravitating back to the genius that is Maria.

Lusia Strus in “Good Behaviour”

actress lusia strus good behaviour

– The potently enigmatic Lusia Strus is blessed with the husky voice that seems to have a magnetic effect onscreen which has seen her shone in Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates” and Gus Van Sant’s “Restless”.
– As Estelle, the opinionated mother of Michelle Dockery’s Letty in the explosive series “Good Behaviour”, we can get an inkling of where Letty gets her sauciness with Lusia having the requisite moxie onscreen too!
– With the appeal of the show being multifarious such as the dynamic between mother and daughter that’s peppered with tension at every turn, we can’t wait for Lusia to stir things up even more in Season 2.

Heighlen Boyd in “Valor”

actress heighlen boyd valor

– Ever the radiant beauty, Heighlen Boyd has been making inroads on the small screen with numerous recurring roles and her latest is opposite Matt Bar as his current squeeze Anna on the CW action drama “Valor”.
– While her character had a steamy introduction in the premier episode, we soon learn in Episode 2 that her character Anna has been kept in the dark with regards to the identity of Matt’s Captain Leland Gallo.
– I liken Heighlen’s appeal to British actress Rosamund Pike of “Gone Girl” fame. She’s an America Rose if you like, her delicate demeanour and looks would find favour with what will soon be a growing list of admirers.

Jamie Bernadette in “NCIS: New Orleans”

actress jamie bernadette ncis new orleans

– Such was a busy few weeks on TV Land, that there were performances by a group of talented actresses that is of amorous mention such as Jamie Bernadette’s guest-starring role on “NCIS: New Orleans”.
– From her ferocious fisticuffs with both Vanessa Ferlito and Cassidy Freeman onscreen to her interrogation scene with Scott Bakula, Jamie is a force of nature as the egotistical Russian sleeper agent Callie Tillford.
– Already well regarded as a sought after actress in the horror genre, she’s quickly becoming a desirable face on independent films and likewise is primed to enrich the television landscape too.

Grace Rex in “Mindhunter”

actress grace rex mindhunter

– The best part of a new Netflix series is that everyone can binge watch or consume at any given time or place and that means we have to check out Grace Rex on the crime drama series “Mindhunter”.
– She guest-stars as Cheryl Todd, a teacher who is interviewed by profiler Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) after complains are levelled at the odd habits of the principal’s at her school. She however is a picture of positivity.
– Having also appeared on the crime thriller “Blindspot”, she’s on a roll with her upcoming recurring role being Detective Sarah Jane Lipschitz on the upcoming CBS drama pilot the “Untitled Jenny Lumet Project”.

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