Indie Darlings To Adore @ Twin Cities Film Festival 2017

Sari Sanchez in “Signature Move”

actress sari sanchez twin cities film festival 2017

– The luminous Sari Sanchez is as buzzworthy as the indie gem she stars in, namely the fascinating indie romance “Signature Move” that has been winning over audiences at many film festivals including Outfest 2017.
– Potently charming in every scene, Sari is effervescent as Alma, a Mexican woman who becomes the paramour of Fawzia Mirza’s Zaynab, a 30-something Pakistani woman as their mutual love for Lucha Libre grows.
– With she has portrayed sensuality with verve most notably on “Empire”, it’s her authenticity in representing a sexy, Mexican-American woman with an intriguing backstory that cements her stature as a promising talent.

Kiva Jump in “Eliza Sherman’s Revenge”

actress kiva jump eliza sherman's revenge twin cities film festival 2017

– Her perky facets makes Kiva Jump a delightful entertainer when it comes to the comedy genre with 2017 being a great year having guest-starred in a number of TV shows as well as sparkling appearances on the big screen.
– In the wicked comedy “Eliza Sherman’s Revenge”, she stars as Bethany Higgins who has been invited to a party by former roommate Eliza Sherman (Jackie Geary) whose motive is comeuppance on those who wronged her.
– Playing up her characters’s high-strung persona to a tee, Kiva is proving her worth in the guise of unconventional often outlandish women as she previously showcased opposite John Lithgow in “Trial & Error”.

Melissa Nearman in “Aquarians”

actress melissa nearman aquarians twin cities film festival 2017

– The era of appealing women in independent film has always been on the uptick and the comely Melissa Nearman is one such talent who makes a fetching appearance in “Aquarians”, a story of faith and familial bonds.
– Melissa has a supporting role in the wintertime drama as Jennifer, a woman who is one of the residents of the Wisconsin town of Silver River where seminary student Daniel Sullivan has made his way back home.
– In addition to her indie film work, Melissa can be also seen on the digital front in several web series including “The Ethical Slut” for which she was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress at the LAWEBFEST.

Miranda Frigon in “Little Pink House”

actress miranda frigon little pink house twin cities film festival 2017

– With multiple LEO Award nominations as well as being an accomplished singer songwriter, the luscious Miranda Frigon is one of Canada’s Sex Symbols and feted adoringly by her legion of fans all over the world.
– Her role in the biographical drama “Little Pink House is a significant one as she stars as Dana Berliner, the attorney who helps Catherine Keener’s Susette Kelo take on the greedy corporate machine.
– Viewers will also recognise Miranda from the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series of TV movies where she has a recurring role as Detective Lynn Smith on the police force who often leads the murder investigations.

Anna Shields in “The Song Of Sway Lake”

actress anna shields the song of sway lake twin cities film festival 2017

– The captivating qualities of Anna Shields makes her such a darling on screen and she’s emerging as a desirable face on independent cinema with her latest being a supporting role in the drama “The Song Of Sway Lake”.
– It’s easy to see why her character Heather gets hit on by Robert Sheehan’s Nikolai, a Russian Casanova whom Rory Culkin’s Ollie uses to distract his grandma as he wants to steal the original “Sway Lake” 78 record from her home.
– Expect Anna to be a riveting watch in the upcoming thriller “The Executioners” as she stars as Lori, a woman who together with her friends seek retribution after being subjected to violence during a home invasion.

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