Horror Hotties To Crave @ NYC Horror Film Festival 2017

Jessica Vano in “Art Of Obsession”

actress jessica vano art of obsession nyc horror film festival 2017

– As the leading lady of the cult horror film “The Demolisher”, Jessica Vano entrenched herself as a captivating face in the horror genre and she returns with itriguing resonance in “Art of Obsession”
– Director Ryan M. Andrews is effusive in his praise for Jessica, exalting Jessica’s captivating presence and her natural born acting talents ensuring audiences will be enthralled with her for years to come.
– With her innate ability to flesh out the inner fibre of complicated yet interesting characters, the Halloween Season should see this Canadian beauty announce herself as a blossoming star of indie cinema.

Christina Jacquelyn Calph in “Don’t Feed The Troll”

actress christina jacquelyn calph don't feed the troll nyc horror film festival 2017

– You may recognise the saucy Christina Jacquelyn Calph as the youtube star on her channel Bad Girls Ball and it’s fitting that she appears in a short that delves into horror for the digital age complete with NSFW moments.
– She plays herself in an allegory of the internet we know so well i.e. internet trolls as we see a racist, misogynist man (Gaetano Iacono) who is stalked by an actual troll-like creature in the woods outside his home.
– Gamers across the planet will soon become fond of the luminous Christina as she voices multiple characters in the recently released action adventure game “The Evil Within 2” which has so far amassed positive reviews.

Elaine Hendrix in “The Candle”

actress elaine hednrix the candle nyc horror film festival 2017

– From the big screen to the small screen as well as on the festival circuit, Elaine Hendrix is a Screen Goddess and a gift to the entertainment industry with her latest foray being the horror short “The Candle”.
– She plays Judy, the radiant mom of Ryder (Abbie Cobb) who during her birthday makes a wish for all her dreams to come to fruition only to find that her nightmares are hauntingly becoming real too!
– Having seduced viewers as Ava in the TV series “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”, Elaine will be turning up the heat once more as a sultry desert minx in the indie comedy “Burying Yasmeen” alongside Niki Koss of “Famous In Love” fame.

Helen Soraya in “Dismissed”

actress helen soraya dismissed nyc horror film festival 2017

– After her enigmatic turn in the comedy pilot “Casting Call” which recently lit up this year’s Los Angeles Indie Film Festival, Helen Soraya threads much darker territory in the horror thriller “Dismissed”.
– She plays Mrs Dubois, the French Teacher of honour role student Lucas Ward (Dylan Sprouse) who draws an idealistic, straight-laced English teacher into his nightmarish world as he does very bad things to get an A.
– That elegant confidence we so often see with British-born actresses whenever they’re onscreen is ever-present in the unflappable Helen and she’s also blessed with the artistry to excel in multiple genres.

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